Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Wow...Can you believe that Summer '07 is drawing to a close? The years just fly by once you cross over from the age of 25. I'll be 39 this year and I'm thinking, where did it all go? I know...I'm still young...I hear it all the time but it's just wacky how you think you have so much time ahead of you to accomplish things you want to in life.

Thanks Dan for taking me to all of the bike nights this summer. I always feel safe when I'm riding two up with you. Had good times this summer with Dan, Kristen, Brent, Big Don, Jack and made new friends with Vance and Kris. I know...the season hasn't ended yet...thank god! Hopefully as in years past we have until November.

This weekend Dan and I took a trip up to Northeast Iowa on the Zippy Pickle and stayed with Greg and LaRue, my folks. I had to kid Dan because I only required the use of one saddlebag for all my stuff. He had a saddlebag and a knapsack. HA HA HA! The trip up there was really nice. We rolled in about 8:30ish and you could tell Greg and LaRue were very happy we had all the gear on. Especially the helmets. Iowa does not have a helmet law so it's the rider's choice. On Saturday we were up early so we could ride in and hang for a while at Silver Eagle HD. My Dad wigged a little because we didn't have the ole helmets on. I guess it is a little selfish of me for not considering his feelings about it since he is my father but it is my choice and most of the time I go without. The ride into Waterloo was so was cool, crisp, refreshing. There wasn't anything going on at Silver Eagle but the staff, as always, was friendly. Talked for a long time with one of the sales guys Ken and I got to go back and look at the new '08 Fat Bob that they just got in. It was pretty sweet!

My mom wanted to go out to the new casino in Waterloo so once we got back to their place we headed in on 4 wheels to the Isle. It was a really nice casino. It made me feel like I was in Vegas. I didn't win big, but I never do. I just don't get why I don't have the luck. Once we were done there we went for dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Cedar Falls. YUM! Funny thing...I wanted a Margarita and without thinking I said to my Dad...I'm going to get a Margarita, I'll give you the money for it. I looked at him and was like...OMG I can't believe I just assumed you are paying for dinner. Wow...I felt like a heel. Well he did pay for dinner...thanks Dad.

Sunday we got up and took off for Waverly around 9. Stopped by the Kielman's to check out their new house. Totally beautiful. Took off for home around noon. Stopped in Hampton for a burger at McD's. Dan got to talking to this older gentleman who was so excited to tell him he rode motorcycles too. He said he had to give it up last year when he turned 76. His wife told him that it was just time and he agreed. You could tell it made him sad. He also told us he was a prisoner of war in Korea. I thanked him and he was so modest and told me I didn't have to thank him. I wanted to hug him...he was such a cute old guy and you could tell it made his day that we were listening to him. I love the stories you hear from our elders. I could sit and listen to them for hours. They lived extraordinary lives and we need to take it in before they are gone.

We made it home to Johnston about 3:30 pm. What a great weekend and it was made even greater because we rode the Zippy Pickle and were outside feeling all the elements and clearing our heads from all the mumbo jumbo that goes in and out of it all week long!

Adios Summer...Welcome Fall and more good times ahead!

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Kathleen Jennette said...

It sounds like you had the perfect Labor Day Weekend! You got a little of everything in and that's the way it should be. You are very lucky to be ONLY 39 and loving life the way you do. You obviously have a great soul to journey through when you say you are thinking older--fogitaboutit! I just wish I was as young as you when I first started riding! Think of the adventures yet to come!