Sunday, May 27, 2007

Best Bike Night in Iowa!!!!

Ok...I'm voting this the best bike night in Iowa! The third Friday night of each month bikers from all over Central Iowa show up in Indianola, IA for the best bike night! If you love live music, beer, good eats, 1000+ motorcycles, and good looking biker men then this is the bike night for you. Oh geesh I forgot...for the guys there are good looking biker women too. Hope to see ya'll on June 15th!

Big Barn Harley Davidson they sold and changed the name of the Harley Dealership in Des Moines. Granted the building was constructed to look like a big huge barn but that didn't mean the new owners needed to take it so literally. Over night it went from Zook's to Big Barn Harley Davidson. They could have at least made the name more fun and called it like Hawg Farm Harley Davidson...Big Barn??...Come on.

Remember Our Fallen Heroes

Please pause for a few moments this weekend to remember Our Nation's Fallen Heroes and the sacrifice they gave for our freedom.