Sunday, June 29, 2014

It All Started When They Said The Motorcyclist Was Not Wearing A Helmet

A few weeks ago a young man died because he may have made some bad choices on his motorcycle but one thing that really irritated me, besides how uncaring people are about others, was the fact that they kept harping on motorcycle helmets.  This rider was not wearing a motorcycle helmet.  The media made sure to point that out numerous times, on social media and on the news reports.  Individuals from around Iowa continuously pointed that out over and over again on social media.  I think this irritates me because Iowa DOES NOT have a helmet law.  It's the individual riders choice.  I think that is how it should be throughout the country.  People don't want me to tread on their rights to be, do, and say anything that they want to, so why is it any different when it comes to the choice of wearing or not wearing a motorcycle helmet.  I do wear one religiously, but that is my choice.

The thing that makes me laugh is how so many non riders believe they are experts on how much a helmet will save our lives.  Really?  I can maybe see it saving my life if I accidentally drop my bike at a low speed and fall off, but if I'm going 70 mph and a cage decides to hit me, not sure that helmet is going to make the difference or not.  Hopefully I never have to find that out.  

Another thing that really made me mad is how so many of the people commenting on social media about this accident kept saying that motorcyclists are really most of the problem because we go too fast and swerve in and out of traffic.  I guess it's like anything, a few doorknobs ruin everyone else's reputation.  I admit that sometimes I go about 5 mph over the speed limit, but that's only to stay away from all of the cage drivers that are talking on their cellphones or texting.  Instead of gunning for us to have a helmet law, why don't we work on laws against talking and texting when you should be driving.  I'm riding along and instead of enjoying my ride I'm looking for the cagers that really aren't giving two shits about anyone else but their life because they are so in need of being in touch with everyone all the time.  How about ya put the phone down and pay attention to the road!  Maybe roll your windows down and experience life a little!!

I would have to say though that the thing that irritated me the most about the social media comments. about this sad accident. were all of the people that said this young man got what he should have for his actions.  It's sad how social media has made it so easy to hide behind a screen name and has enabled people to just say the meanest things possible about other human beings.  It's very sad.  It made me think, I sure hope I'm never the one that the news is reporting on because I'd hate for my family to read such horrible comments saying that it was my fault and I deserved what I got.  Compassion is something that more people need to work into their day to day lives when interacting with others.  

Rest in Peace, Shawn Sabin.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blackberry Smoke - Come to Des Moines PLEASE!!!

Yes folks I'm pathetically pleading with Blackberry Smoke to come back to Des Moines, IA and play at the Venue or Wooly's or somewhere in town!!!  Please, Please, Please!  Des Moines needs you to visit again!

Oh and a perfect opening act for them would be Old Southern Moonshine Revival!

That is all!