Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A little Art and a couple Brews!

I attended a Conversation on Art with Enrique Chagoya. I met my friends Larassa, Michelle and Stacy for the 2 hour lecture. It was very interesting. Very political. His art was very much my taste. A lot of mixed media. It is so awesome when you can sit and listen to the artist explain their pieces to you so that you can hear what inspired them to create it.

After the lecture we ventured over to the Greenwood Tap on Ingersoll Ave. What a great dive bar. Loved it!!! Loved the dogs playing cards tapestries on the walls. They added a certain ambiance to the place. While I enjoyed the conversations that my friends and I were having I also always find myself looking around. I love to people watch. You see so many interesting things when you just sit there and watch.

Ok...time for bed. I keep forgetting this is only Tuesday! Night!

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