Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Already May??

Holy Cow...I haven't blogged since March!  What is wrong with me?  Well the entire month of April I was busy with work.  Now I'm busy getting as much saddle time in as possible because I'm riding my own to Sturgis this year.  I'm getting super excited for the trip. 

Took a little spin up to J & S Custom Cycles Open House today.  Support your local Motorcycle Shops!  I scheduled a check up for Sadie and she'll be getting a new set of grips too.  Can't wait!  I noticed again today that her axillary head lights are not working again.  Need to fix that because those extra lights help so I'm seen a little better. 

If you are looking for motorcycle gear you need to check out Double D Cycles.   Double D Cycles is owned by my buddy Dean D-Day Bartosh!  Dean is working to provide as many MADE IN THE USA products as he possibly can.  Dean is a Biker so he understands the quality of gear that bikers demand.   He will do everything possible to bring you great products with the awesome service that you deserve.  You will also want to check out the Double D Cycles Blog

I recently received an awesome cell phone case for my iPhone.  The best part of it is that it's got the Harley Davidson logo on it!  I totally love it and it totally protects my phone.  Go to Fuse plus you and check out all of their Harley Davidson cell phone cases.  Make your phone look totally cool with HD!  I have the one shown below but there is a large variety for you to select from. 

Thanks to everyone that continues to follow my blog.  I apologize for not keeping up with it as much as I did previously.  My adult job has been taking up lots of my time so my blog has suffered because of it.  Plus would you spend any time inside on a beautiful day if you had a pretty motorcycle like this?