Sunday, February 28, 2010

Support The SEALs: Drop the Unfair and Outrageous Charges NOW!

This is going to blow your mind! It sure did mine! Please watch both videos. Thanks!!!

Click on link Navy SEAL's Trial Postponed

If you are interested in following this story please go to Support The Seals.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jason Aldean - March 10th Ames, IA

I'm seriously excited because I might have the chance to see one of my favorite country singers in concert on March 10th. Jason Aldean is on his Road Trips and Guitar Picks Tour presented by Country Financial and he's stopping in Ames, IA at Hilton Coliseum!! Living here in Iowa I'm a countrified city girl!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Christina Shook - Photographer and Author of Chicks on Bikes

Christina Shook is one incredible biker chick! She has created an amazing new book called Chicks on Bikes. I hope you enjoy getting to know Christina as much as I have. You've also got to check out Chicks on Bikes and purchase your copy today!

Please give me a bio about yourself....
Hmm a bio…

Well, I live in San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a professional photographer shooting lifestyle photography (my website I have an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Two little girls 3 and 8 who are the light of my life and a darling supportive husband who is a sound designer for video games. 2 cats, 3 motorcycles.

When did you realize you had a passion for photography?
I got a camera in college and was a journalism major. I quickly found that taking the photos was vastly more fun than the writing aspect.

Are there any photographers that you draw influence from?
Diane Arbus, Joel Peter Witkin, Willliam Eggleston, Weegee, Iriving Penn… oh so many…

When were you first introduced to the motorcycle lifestyle?
When I moved to SF and finally bought my own motorcycle I was instantly biker chick. I wanted to ride all the time and I did. I didn’t have a car for 8 years.

How long have you been riding?
17 years. Yikes that must make me old!

What was your first motorcycle?
A Honda Nighthawk that had electrical problems and I had to push start it 80% of the time. Fortunately I lived on a hill and San Francisco is hilly.

What motorcycle do you currently ride?
1979 BMW R100S, Ducati ST4, Suzuki Bandit 1200

Why did you decide to do a book on women in the motorcycle world?
When I first moved to SF I didn’t know many women. They seemed harder to meet than men. I was studying photography and I love riding my bike. So combining all three interests, I starting shooting women bikers and haven’t stopped since. I feel compelled to photograph the real women bikers I see in part because the media has so absurdly represented us.

What process did you go through when you decided to write Chicks On Bikes?
It started as a documentary project for school. The class ended but I kept meeting and photographing women bikers. I did a portfolio piece after graduating to show art directors of magazines and I wrote little vignettes to go with them. It got a great response particularly with the words.

Tell me about Chicks on Bikes...
Chicks on Bikes is about real women bikers. It embraces and ponders the relationship between women and our machines. Racers, clubs, sisterhood, mechanics, journeys of mind and body, risk… what all these issues mean to women bikers. It’s a photobook at heart with a lot of words. And I hope I’ve captured the spirit of these wonderful women who ride.

If someone would like to purchase your book where can they find it?
One place only! Go to this link, Chicks on Bikes and I’ll send you a signed copy with love.

Is your work strictly based on the motorcycle lifestyle or do you have other areas that you include in your body of work?
I’m exploring the world of scooters for my next book. It’s a fascinating and distinct culture all of its own. I'll have to get a scooter.

Do you feel that women are finally breaking the glass ceiling in the motorcycle world?
Yes I do. I am particularly proud of what women racers are doing.

Do you feel you are a role model for the women of the motorcycle community?
Only in my avid support for all women motorcyclist to come together and promote the joy and freedom of riding to be acceptable for all women. I think that support of one another is vital. Just like what you're doing Stephanie. There are so many amazing women who have blazed fearless trails in the world of motorcycling.

Who are your role models?
Those women riding in the early days really move me. Like those Hotchkiss ladies riding cross country in 1915. Now that took spirit and guts and a great sense of adventure.

I just read Lois on the Loose and I have to take my hat off to Lois Pryce too.

Do you have any advice for girls and women if they are thinking about moving to the front of the motorcycle?
Take a motorcycle safety class and do what feels right for you. Get a bike that fits you and good riding gear.

Do you have any big projects in the works for the future?
I’m still having a great time with Chicks On Bikes. Its opened up so many paths and I’ve met even more amazing people since publishing it.

I’m organizing a mothers day ride here in Nor Cal and would like to try and get others to take their moms for a ride too. Share the passion and the thrill.

What are your other passions beyond motorcycles?
My kids are #1 with me. Also love yoga, leaning to play piano. I’ve been into Twitter and blogging:

Follow me on Twitter: cshookup

My blog:

Is there a motto that you live by?
You mostly regret the things you didn’t do.

If you could change anything about yourself or your life what would it be?
I’d like to live in San Francisco and not the pretty but boring suburb I live in. I’d like to be independently wealthy. And somehow find more time to ride : )

Honestly I feel very fortunate to have work I love, a supportive loving husband, smart happy kids, good heath and live in gorgeous northern California.

Thank you Christina for taking the time for this interview! You are truly a woman that other biker chicks can look up to.

Soldier Gets His Dream Bike

Wow...this is quite a story. I hope you take the time and watch this one!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Capital City Customs Swap Meet and Show

Finally something biker related enters my life like a warm breeze blowing through my hair. The Capital City Customs Swap Meet and Show was a much needed oasis from the 52+ inches of snow that we've had since December. As I walked through the doors of the 4H building I breathed in the smell of leather, I saw the beautiful motorcycles, and I spotted other bikers who needed this relief probably as much as I did. I've attended this show for a few years and I'd have to say I was most excited about it this year.

Dan and I spotted Big Swag at a table, signing autographs. Brett Wagner aka Big Swag is the host of the Speed Channels show Pass Time. He is also in a new movie called The Crazies which will be released on February 26th.

There were some great looking bikes as there always are every year.

I especially liked these two choppers by Siouxicide Choppers out of Sioux City, IA. Check out the tank on the one...Full...1/2...F&%k. Very original!

I talked to two of the nicest bikers I've probably ever met, Doug and Dave. They were at the show promoting their club, Mid Iowa Star Chapter 210. They both were so passionate about their club that for an instant I started thinking about becoming Iowa Star Girl. I erased that from my thoughts quickly but dang, those guys rocked! Seriously, if you are looking for an organization to join they are ranked right up there in my book. They both joked that they are a photography club with a motorcycle problem and they proved it with the great photos in the calendar I purchased from them. Anyway...can't say enough good things about those guys and the enthusiasm they both had about riding and their club! Thanks for making me smile! I was walking on cloud 9 at that point of the afternoon. I love when I find people with the same passion about motorcycling as I have. I walked a few steps down the aisle and stopped at the Abate of Iowa District 4 booth. As I'm walking away these ladies from Abate say to me, Are you Stephanie, Iowa Harley Girl? I was stunned for a minute. Yes...Yes I am. WOW!!! I've never actually had someone ask me if I was, so I was a little thrown off for a second. They thanked me for the great post I did on their toy run that I rode in a couple years back. I have to tell you that topped my day, so Thanks Ladies from Abate District 4.

This bike touched my heart. It's a tribute to all of the Men and Women from Iowa that have lost their lives serving our country.

The swap meet was bigger then I remembered it being in past years. Maybe because this year I was actually looking for the bottom covers for my passenger foot boards. No luck.

I'd like to thank Dan for tagging along with me. He doesn't enjoy this kind of stuff as much as I do. I bought some new stickers for my helmet, including one that says TROUBLE and one that says WHATEVER! I also purchased a POW-MIA t-shirt that I will proudly wear this summer. Support your local Vietnam Vet M/C. I was a little disappointed that I didn't see Possum from the Circle of Pride M/C. I wanted him to autograph my I RIDE video.

I had a great time and can't wait for the riding season to get here! I truly miss riding. I'm sure many of you out there agree. This has been the craziest winter I've seen in years. Thanks Capital City Customs Swap Meet and Show for helping this biker chick quench her motorcycle thirst!

Other upcoming events in Iowa...
B.A.D. Ride Chili Cook-Off @ Porky's Pub in Des Moines on February 27th. Go to BadRide for more information.
Bike Down to I Town is the 3rd Friday of each month from April to September. Go to Bike Down to I Town for more information.
Iowa Thunder Run is May 23. The ride begins in the Southridge Mall parking lot in Des Moines at 1pm.
The Freedom Rally in Algona, IA is July 1,2,3. For more information go to Abate of Iowa.
Newton Professional Firefighters' Fun Run for Blank Children's Hospital is July 24th starting at the Izaak Walton League. For more information contact the Newton Fire Department.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Samantha Morgan Storm - A Motorcycle ICON!

Although Samantha Morgan Storm is no longer with us, she will always be an ICON for Biker Chicks everywhere!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Garage Girls - Ultimate Makeover Carlisle Edition

Hurry Up, send in your submissions to win The Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover, Carlisle Edition brought to you by GEICO powersports.

Just a reminder to send in your submissions for your chance to win the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover. Deadline is May 10th 2010.

Contestants (guys and girls) must submit a 600 words or less essay – describing why they are most in need of a biker makeover as well as a photo to by May 10, 2010. Submissions will be narrowed down to the final four by selected judges from Garage-Girls and Carlisle Events. Once the final 4 are chosen, the public will then be allowed to vote online at Garage Girls for who they feel most deserves the Ultimate Biker Makeover. Two winners will be selected for the Rider Makeover, including all-new gear and accessories with one grand-prize winner, who will win the Ultimate Biker Makeover. (Accessories for his or her motorcycle as well) Winners must be present at the Carlisle Bike Fest on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 to collect their prizes.

For more information, rules, eligibility and submission procedures, visit Garage Girls or CarlisleEvents.

If interested in getting your company involved please contact Sara Liberte at

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Absolutely Nothing to Do with Motorcycles but

It's time for NASCAR!!!!! The one thing I love about the end of the football season is the beginning of NASCAR!!!

This is a really old song but it gets you in the mood!!! I LOVE NASCAR! Boogity, Boogity, Boogity...Let's Go Racing Boys!(what's he going to say once Danica starts racing??)