Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Question From FLHX Dave...

I wanna know why you like old geezers with beards? There has to be some story behind that.
Old geezers with beards, that ride motorcycles, are very interesting looking characters. My eyes are always searching them out whenever I'm at a motorcycle event. I just like how they look. They scream true life, no nonsense biker to me. With each inch of their beard is a road story that will either teach you a lesson or make you double over with laughter.  Really, my liking how old geezers with beards look is no different then men liking women with a particular hair color.  There really is nothing to explain and no torrid story behind my digging how old geezers with beards look. 

Old Guys Rule, don't ya know?  And if they have a beard, well that's even better! 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Look into the Life of IHG - One or Two Questions at a Time

How long have you been riding? 
About 5 or so years ago I took the "Rider's Edge" motorcycle safety class at Zylstra HD in Ames, IA.  I finally got my very own motorcycle about 3 years ago.  After beating "Hairy Cell" Leukemia, I decided that I needed to realize one of my dreams.  After I bought my motorcycle there was a point when I almost sold it because I kept thinking, Holy survived the Big C and now you are going to risk your life on a motorcycle with all the crazy cage drivers out there that don't freaking see you??  Well, I've gotten over that whole mind trip and am totally loving the ride now.  It's the best feeling on earth to be rolling down the highway with the biggest smile on your face and bugs in your teeth!  :)~

What was your first motorcycle?
The first and only motorcycle that I've owned so far is my awesome 2005 Sportster Custom!  Her name is Sadie and I love her!  I don't have children, so Sadie is like my child.  A few weeks ago I took her to J and S Custom Cycle in Des Moines for a tune up and I literally was sad to leave her there.  I couldn't wait until she was back home in her parking space waiting for me to ride her again!  I go back and forth on if I will ever get a different motorcycle and at this point I'm not really sure.  Sadie and I have been through a lot together over these 3 years and we are finally comfortable with each other so I think we are going to stick together for a few more years or maybe even a lifetime.  Who knows....I know I'll cry if I ever do say good-bye to her. 

 I saw these guys at Vintage Torque Fest and loved them!  If you haven't heard of the Koffin Kats you need to check out their kick'n tunes!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Happy Retirement, Willie G!!

Thank you Willie G for keeping the Harley Davidson Flame ALIVE all these years!  May your retirement bring you as much joy as motorcycling has all these years!  Roll on Willie G!  My life really did change the first time I road on a Harley!  There is nothing like rolling down the open road on a Harley!  It gets in your blood and stays there forever!