Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hell's Angel The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the HAMC

Well I finished Sonny's version of the story. A much better read than Hunter Thompson's book. While the guy did have a rap sheet a mile long I felt like I learned a lot about his life and the story of the Hell's Angels. The last paragraph of the book brought tears to my eyes...My thoughts overpowered the roar of two hundred Harleys gunning through the Alps. I know I've paid a terrible price for my freedom. I've learned the hard way that to understand my heart is to understand the evil that lurks inside. I can't hide behind religious traditions and superficial heroes. It's impossible to be delivered away from man's constant inhumanity to man. As a warrior, you've got to know pain and sadness alongside joy and solitude. It is to those who long to ride - forever free - that I write these words...and the Angels shall be Kings! Wow...that's some deep writing. I think these men where a misunderstood group. People were too afraid to let them have their freedom and had to mess with them every chance that they could. The Hell's Angels are a brotherhood of some badass mfers but the true Hell's Angels stuck by their brothers at any cost. If you are a lover of the freedom you feel riding a motorcycle you should definitely read this book. I've just started Freedom Credos from the Road by Sonny Barger.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Hell's Angels: Hunter Thompson vs Sonny Barger

I finally finished Hell's Angels by Hunter Thompson. It was really a very boring account of the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club. I felt that Hunter Thompson used the Angels to get a story to write his book. He really didn't tell any of the real stories about the club. He didn't really even go into great depth on any of the things that really happened while he was with them. It was like he was afraid of them and in the end turned on them. I've started reading Hell's Angel The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club. So far I'm enjoying this book so much more and I look forward to getting a different prospective on the Angels than I did with the Hunter Thompson book. I'm fascinated with motorcycle clubs as a whole. I really feel that in the 60's if the police and the government would have just left the Angels alone there would have been far less problems. By the police and government making such a big deal out of the Angels I feel that it fueled how they acted. I'm not saying that the Hell's Angels were a group of stand up guys but I do feel like they were given a bum rap just because of how they decided to live their lives. I watched Easy Rider the other day, there is a scene in the movie where it is implied that regular people are afraid of the freedom that they see motorcycle riders having. I think that is true. General people just don't get the freedom and never will. I look forward to Sonny Barger's side of the Hell's Angels story. I better get to reading!