Sunday, November 25, 2012

R.I.P. Brad Clikeman

Brad Clikeman...I didn't even know you and your death has really affected me.  I don't know how many times I've ridden through the same intersection that you were hit going through and praying to God that the cars in the turn lane saw me!  I attended your vigil because you enjoyed the same thing that I enjoy!  Riding!  Your friends' mentioned at your vigil how much you loved to ride and how amazing you were.  I wish I would have known you!  I could truly feel the love that night.  The brotherhood of the Ruff Ryders and the others in attendance was palpable. 

I truly hope the night of your vigil that all the cars that had to stop for your crew, went home and tried to find out what was going on at the corner of Merle Hay and Meredith Drive.  I hope that going forward they will think twice about looking before they hurry through that intersection and any other intersection in Des Moines. 

Rest In Peace Brad Clikeman! 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

This Chrome Diva is Sturgis Dreaming!

Is it just me or do others agree that time flies by so much faster the older you get!?  I can't believe it's time to put stabilizer in Sadie's gas tank for the long cold winter.  This was a great riding season for me.  I challenged myself on more then one occasion by going outside my comfort zone.  Next year is going to be even better!  I'm so excited because a group of us are going to Sturgis next year and will be staying at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground.  I stayed there in 2004 and actually said I'd probably never stay there again but I regress!  I'm going with a few newbies and I really think that they need to experience the rally via the Chip!  It's truly an experience one will never forget!  The real excitement for me will be rolling into Sturgis on Sadie.  I can't wait to boast that I road my own to the Mother of All Rallies! 

In 2011, Janet Green from Biker Chick News, contacted me and wanted to know if I'd be interested in joining with her and 2 other individuals to created a chapter of the Chrome Divas.  I jumped at the chance and am really glad that I did.  Right now the Des Moines Chapter is still in the growing stages but we do have 8 members.  For me it's been really awesome meeting other women in the Des Moines motorcycle community.  I enjoy seeing them each month when we meet for dinner at Sambetti's.  I've also enjoyed riding with a group of women.  I'm so used to riding with the boys that it's freaking fun to roll into a gas station or a restaurant parking lot and everyone is looking at us thinking, "WOW, that's a group of women riders!"  I love how well we've all meshed with each other and how much we laugh about things together!  I have to say...We are a GREAT group of Biker Chicks! 

Don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday, if you didn't have the opportunity to vote early!  Your vote does make a difference!   November 10th is the Marine Corps Birthday and November 11th is Veteran's Day.