Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check out Stealth Rider on SPEED!!

Check out this footage from the Speed Channel show Stealth Rider. Jason Britton ROCKS his Bike in Las Vegas.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keep the Rubber Side Down - An Interview with Rick Slark

A few of us in the Harley community follow a guy named Rick Slark who writes a blog called Keep the Rubber Side Down. We also follow each other on Facebook and the banter about Harley Riders vs Riders of other motorcycles has been quite comical at times. We all give Rick a very hard time that he actually has Harley envy. I thought it would be interesting to get to know Rick a little more so he agreed to do an interview.

Rick is from Columbus, OH and currently resides with his wife Michelle in Springfield, OH. Rick has two sons, Jonathan and Ethan and an Alaskan Malamute named Dakota. Rick's passions include writing, touring on a motorcycle, cigars, and starting small businesses. He also attempts to follow Christ which he does some days better than others.

When did you first discover motorcycles?

My childhood friend got a Honda 50cc as a gift and we rode it up and down the sidewalks in our neighborhood. I think that was the beginning of the madness.

What was your first motorcycle?

A friend was moving into a tiny apartment and had no storage so he gave me his 1975 Kawasaki H1-500. I love that bike and hope to add one to my stable of motorcycles one day.

How many motorcycles have you owned over the years?

Not many. I tend to fall in love with them so I keep them for long periods of time. They are like my friends. I know many people buy and sell motorcycles quite often, but I have never been that guy. I guess I am too much of a romantic.

What are you riding now and why?

Currently we have four bikes, 1985 Honda Nighthawk 450, 2003 Yamaha V-Star 1100, 1996 Triumph Daytona 1200, and a 1000 BMW R1100RT.

Most of the time I ride the BMW. My friends call me a super slabber because my style of riding is more long distance riding. The RT is the perfect long distance bike and therefore the one I ride the most.

Why did you decide to begin blogging about motorcycles?

For me it began as an outlet, a place to write down what I was thinking about at the time. I wanted to document some of my cycling experiences, the skills I had learned, and what's more, my mistakes. From there it just evolved and continues to do so.

What is your site called? Why and how did you decide on the title of your blog?

The site is called "Keep the Rubber Side Down" and I chose it because I think this phrase speaks to the camaraderie of the motorcycling community and secondly, because one of the main purposes of the site is to offer stories and tips that will help make one a better rider.

"Keep the Rubber Side Down" is a phrase often used by motorcyclists to encourage one another to be safe while on the road. It is also a great metaphor to be used as we journey down the road called LIFE!

Do you have any other blogs?

Yes, I have Rick's Ramblings.

What types of subjects do you enjoy blogging about?

At Keep the Rubber Side Down I strictly deal with issues pertaining to motorcycling. My readers are not there to read my views on other subjects. I reserve Rick's Ramblings to deal with other topics that interest me such as spirituality, books, humor, etc.

Do you do freelance work for other motorcycle publications or websites?

Yes, I have written for our local paper and a few online magazines, but honestly, keeping my two sites fresh, and working on my book, takes up most of my writing time.

Do you do any creative writing?

I always have a pen and pad on me. I write everywhere I am. I am always listening for something that will spark my creativity.

You use video submissions from time to time. What do you use to do those?

I use a Flip HD camera. Easy to use and fabulous video.

How many states have you traveled?
I have visited most of them, but a couple years ago I decided to ride my motorcycle in every state. To date I am up to 31 states.

What is your favorite state to ride in?

As I mentioned, I haven't been in all of them, so I can't definitively answer that, but I love riding in Tennessee and along the east coast.

How does riding enrich your life?

Big question. Riding, especially long distances, affords me the time to move beyond the surface things that normally clutter my brain. It is the time I am able to connect to that which is important and meaningful in my life.

Do you enjoy attending rallies?

I tend to avoid rallies and riding in large groups. I am most able to enjoy the very essence of my riding style when I ride alone or perhaps with one or two others, but I far prefer to be alone.

What do you think makes a "Biker"?

I despise this term.

Be honest...do you really dislike Harley Davidson Motorcycles as much as you seem to?

Let me just say, I don't believe they warrant the following they have. I simply don't get it. It is not the motorcycles as much as the few riders who make me want to hurl my Cheerios. I love all motorcycles whether they are new, old, big, small, rusted or shiny, and yes; American or foreign. It seems to me some HD folks give off the vibe that if you aren't riding a HD you are a second class citizen and I think that takes away some of the joy of cycling for those riders who can't afford a Harley. Especially when the majority of those riders learned to ride on another brand.

I always ask a couple of fun questions like the guy on "In the Actors Studio" does.

What music are you currently listening to?

Moon Dance by Van Morrison. Music does not play a crucial role in my life.

What are you currently reading?

I am always reading something, be it "Newsweek", or a Triumph service manual. I am a task reader and very seldom read for entertainment. Here is a list of books I am reading now.

They Say I Say - A book about formal writing.
The Oath by Frank Peretti
The Devil Can Ride
The Treasury of Religious Verse

Thanks to Rick for answering the questions that he did. Enjoyed getting to know a non HD rider a little more and it's always good to learn someone elses perspective on motorcycling.

Check out Rick's blogs:
Keep the Rubber Side Down
Rick's Ramblings

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3rd Annual 100 Mile Benefit/Poker Run - Saturday, August 21

3rd ANNUAL 100 MILE BENEFIT/POKER RUN SATURDAY,AUGUST 21,2010 This years benefit is for Randy Stevenson also known as: “Rambo” or “Randy Dandy”. Randy has terminal cancer.

Poker Run- Sign in starts at 10:30 am at courthouse square in Montezuma,IA. $5.00 per hand or $10.00 for 3 hands with payouts to highest and lowest hand. Last bike out at 11:30 am Last bike in at 5:00pm(100 mile) 1st stop Delta Junction intersection of HWY 92 & HWY 21, 2nd stop Wildlife Bar-n-Grill Fremont,IA, 3rd stop All In The Family Raceway Oskaloosa,IA, 4th stop Scooters New Sharon,IA, 5th stop and final County Seat Montezuma,IA.

Dinner and Street Dance-In front of and hosted by County Seat in Montezuma,IA $10.00 per person-includes dinner and dance,$15.00 per couple. Food will be served from 6:30-8:00pm. Band CPR will be playing from 8:00pm-Midnight. Several raffles throughout the night.

Lodging- Camping available for free or you can choose the following: Camping at Diamond Lake for a fee (payable to DNR), Cozy Country Inn-call for reservations at 641-623-5505.


Donations accepted for Randy Stevenson at Montezuma State Bank. For more information call(641)-623-5766

Contact:Caryn Webb (Toots) at 641-990-7826 or email caw@zumatel.net.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pee Wee Herman at Sturgis

This is GREAT!

Cartoonist Paul Jamiol Starts Bikers are Animals Blog

Paul Jamiol has started a new Bikers are Animals blog on his children's books. He invites all to feel free to stop by anytime and post. The blog will be mostly about the books, the characters, art, motorcycles and both current and future projects that Paul is working on. He loves both art and motorcycles and hopes to share a lot of that with visitors. Please join him at the blog when you get a chance and feel free to comment, follow or just lurk.

Update: The second book, Bikers are Animals 2 - The Rest of the Crew, is right on schedule for it's September release. Pre-reviews are really positve.

Contact: Paul Jamiol

Sunday, August 08, 2010

America to Argentina - 20 Countries and 25,000 Miles

On August 15th Bill Dwyer sets off for an eight month trip that takes him from America to Argentina, spanning over 20 countries and 25,000 miles. Without a cellphone, and infrequent internet access he will no longer always be "connected" or "on the grid." He travels alone, but brings along a virtual audience for the ride through documenting his journey on YouTube.

As a software developer, Bill grew weary of his corporate job. He sold most of his belongings and traded his cubical for the open road. Food, gas and shelter will be his only concerns. No more timelines to follow or deadlines to meet, only serendipity creates the destiny of his road map.

Perceptions of Mexico and Latin American countries as a seething breeding ground of violence have been widespread. Bill believes that people and the world around us are not as dangerous as we sometimes are lead to believe. The success of his journey should prove to be a reminder that among a seemingly hostile world there is still some good out there.

Bill is an avid adventure motorcyclist and blogger for 3 years. He has built up an audience from all walks of life and continues to entertain, educate and inspire them to take the plunge and seek out adventures of their own.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Screaming Eagle American Bar & Grill - Waterloo, IA

Last weekend Dan and I took a ride to no particular place and ended up in Waterloo, IA at the Screaming Eagle American Bar & Grill. People I know have said great things about the place so I thought, might as well check it out. Located downtown Waterloo at 228 East 4th Street the Screaming Eagle is a great place to get a burger and brew. It's very much a biker friendly bar but there were more non bikers there when we arrived. The food was good and the waitress we had made sure we had everything we needed. Might have to head back some Thursday night because they boast a big bike night that begins at 6pm with Live Music and lots of Cold Beer!

If you are out riding with no particular place to go, head to Waterloo, IA and check out the Screaming Eagle American Bar & Grill.