Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big Gypsie Show - Swap Meet - Auction September 5,6,& 7

The Big Gypsie
Press Release

The Big Gypsie
Vintage Motorcycle
Show - Swap Meet – Auction

The legendary black hills of South Dakota will become host to the region’s largest ever vintage motorcycle swap meet, show and auction this fall. Slated for September 5th, 6th, and 7th this event will draw from a six state region including North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Minnesota. Staged the week after the Davenport, Iowa vintage meet this venue provides an excellent opportunity for vendors migrating back to the North West corner of the country. With 40,000 square feet of indoor space and over five acres of exhibition ground this promises to be an exceptional event for the region’s motorcycle buffs.
The swamp meet is dedicated to pre-1978 motorcycle, parts and memorabilia. A “sale corral” will be available for newer bikes in need of owners. Event promoters Gary Lippord and Coe D. Meyer see the region as teaming with beautiful old motorcycles and related items. Additionally the auction hosted by David Wilson promises to draw out some very special machines. Sturgis and the Black Hills are spectacular in September with lots to do in every direction. “We feel this is a great get away opportunity,” says event promoter Coe D. Meter. Everyone loves the Black Hills and this event affords a great opportunity to experience the area at its best. Who knows… you may just find the motorcycle you wanted in high school?
For travel, lodging, and event information you may with our web site:
or call us at (605)490-3632.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green with Envy!!!

I had to go to an appointment across town. Being in Des Moines we get to use lovely Interstate 80. Well...on my way back I counted probably 50 bikes headed east to Milwaukee. I was dying! They would ride by and I'd say...TAKE ME WITH YOU!! I almost avoided 80 all together tonight on the drive home. Thank God I didn't see any packs of bikes. It's torture I tell you...pure torture! Thank God I haven't found a 105th Milwaukee Web cam site yet. I'd be all pathetic refreshing the damn thing watching all the lucky people there.

Ok...I'm alright! Have a great night everyone!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Harley Davidson contacts IHG

The other day I logged into MySpace and found a message from Kelly Yahr the Community Outreach Coordinator at Harley Davidson. She said that she had been surfing the web and found my blog. I was like...could this really be true? She requested that I send her my e-mail addy, so I did and she sent me a link to a free ebook geared toward women riders. The e-mail subject line was Harley Davidson and The Many Thoughts of Harley Girl. I must admit it gave me goosebumps. I had to smile when I saw the e-book because it's the perfect thing for B. B. right now with her new beautiful Sporty and her journey toward not having to be a backrest anymore!!! :)

Here is another link for women riders and passengers

Hopefully I can grow my relationship with Harley Davidson and they'll share special stuff with me so that I can pass it on to all of you. I'm crossing my fingers and toes! I'm actually pretty darn excited. Thanks for finding my blog Kelly and for contacting me!! :)

On another note...If Joker and D-Day read this...Have tons of fun guys! May Joker and the rest of the Blackstone HOG family, that is making the trip with him to the 105th, have a safe one!! I can't wait to hear all about your experiences and everything you see. I bet we'll be ROTFL when they get back and post their many tales!

Have a great week everyone! Even though the rest of us can't make the 105th we can still celebrate it...go for a ride...come home...pop in some Skynard...and have a beer or two...and give a salute to the motorcycle company that we do so LOVE! All Hail Harley Davidson!!!!
Good Night!

IHG :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

She's a biker chick! Woo hoo! Yeah!! :)

Welcome Home Marines!

Welcome Home Echo Company!!! So glad that you are back in Iowa!! Thank you so much for serving our country and for doing what you do!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Long Ride To Sturgis 2008

This video cracks me up. These guys are even more hardcore then the trailer queens!!! LMAO!! Too funny...I'd classify this guy as a RUB. (Rich Urban Biker)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heroes of the Heartland Charity Bash

SEPT. 27, 3-10 P.M.

The State Family Program Office in Assisting Iowa military service men and women in deployment and their families by providing meals, travel accommodations, appliances, mental health professional guidance, reunion and reintegration services and basic overall needs.

A special BASH to end the summer on Saturday, September 27, “Bike Down to I-Town,” the Midwest’s largest monthly bike night event partners with Throttler Motorcycle Magazine for a special end of summer night event on the town square of Indianola, home to the famous “Bike Down to I-Town” venue.

See motorcycle businesses from all across Iowa show off their stuff.

Matt Woods and the Thunderbolts who will play that evening, has received critical acclaim, and
finished in the top five of the International Blues Foundation’s “Best Self-Produced Blues album” category in 2006 in Memphis, Tenn. Opening band TBD.

Giveaway and raffle door prizes
Participating motorcycle businesses will raffle door prizes for charity as well as other freebies to the first 5,000 people.



Raffle tickets will be sold prior to and during the event. The raffle of all door prizes will begin at 8 p.m. on the stage. 100 percent of the raffle proceeds will go to The State Family Program Office.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Patriotic Rock in Greenfield, IA

Check out this cool Patriotic Rock that is located in Greenfield, IA. This was the rock that school students used for graffiti but one day Ray "Bubba" Sorensen decided to pay tribute to the United States and Veterans. Thankfully, out of respect, local students have not defaced the rock since the tribute was painted. The rock is located on Highway 25, just 1 mile south of Interstate-80 near Greenfield, exit 86.
If traveling from Greenfield junction 25 & 92, take Hwy 25 north 12 miles.

I'd like to thank my friend Norm for sending me these photos and also for serving our country. I can't wait to take a trip to Greenfield to check it out myself.

Here is the web addy for the artist that painted this wonderful tribute. It's worth checking out.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Ride Home...

Thursday, August 7th we got on the road headed back east toward the great state of Iowa. We got to Wall and stopped for breakfast at Wall Drug. Blonde's love Wall Drug and they also love hanging out with good looking bikers.

The next stop was Oacoma, SD and Al's Oasis.

We made it to Mitchell, SD about 4:00 and decided to tough it out and ride to Sioux Falls and stay the night there. I'd like to thank the biker chick at the gas station that told us the exit to take in Sioux Falls to find a hotel to stay at. We stayed at a Sleep Inn and it rocked.

Along the way I had plenty of time to think about things. I kept thinking how tough and strong biker women are. It takes a lot to sit on a tiny pillion seat for miles and miles and not bitch about it at all. A trip like the ride to Sturgis is a test of how strong willed you are and how much you can take a long the way. If you have ever ridden any distance you can attest the fact that it is an endurance thing. Everytime I saw a bike on a trailer I felt sorry for it. It was like it was crying out...RIDE ME...why aren't you riding me like the people are riding that bike??? LOL...if motorcycles on trailers could talk that is seriously what they would be saying!! It's very spiritual to me being out in the elements...feeling the wind, feeling the rain, smelling all the smells, hearing all the noises of nature. You never experience that kind of freedom in a car. Not even with all the windows rolled down. When you look down at the road and watch the center dividing lines fly by it's a rush. I bet it's even more of a rush riding your own and that will happen for me one of these days but for now I'm somewhat content riding two up.

I thought about all the cool people I met on this trip. I thought about how thankful I am to be able to freely ride to Sturgis and enjoy it so much. I said some prayers for our troops. I thought about how much I miss my family back in Iowa and that I need to spend time with them. I thought about my 40th birthday that is coming up way too soon. I thought about getting a tattoo. I thought about all of my blogger friends and thought about us all getting together next year. I thought about what I was going to write here. I thought and thought some more about so many things and finally we arrived home on Friday, August 8th....Home Sweet Home. 1749.6 miles and we were back where we started the Saturday before.

I spent Saturday really pretty depressed. I missed being in Sturgis...I missed all the bikes and the people. I even cried and that's when Dan said to me...Stephanie...only 51 weeks to go until the next one and we are there! That cheered me up big time.

Thanks for following my trip along the way. It was fun posting all the pictures I took on my phone at various points along the trip. I really do hope that the Motorcycle Blogging Family that we've created can get together next year and enjoy the 69th Anniversary Sturgis Rally together.

Much love!! IHG :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Not to Do on Your Trip to Sturgis

I don't have a picture of this story and you'll understand why after you read it. Dan and I were weaving in and out of the vendor booths on the main drag of Sturgis. Walking toward us are a group of Son's of Silence, a regular joe biker, and another group of Son's of Silence. Well regular joe biker decides the Son's in front of him would make a great photo to show his friends. I mean he was inches from Outlaw Gang members. I'm looking over at him and getting ready to say...DON'T TAKE THAT PHOTO but it doesn't make it out in time. Snap...he's checking out his accomplishment on the view screen of his camera and smiling all big. All of a sudden here comes one of the members of the Son's and his property charging up behind him telling him to give them the camera and giving him the riot act about taking an OGM's picture. I don't know what happened to the poor regular joe biker because we got the hell outta there but there is a moral to this story...Learn a little bit about what you are attending and some of the rules of the motorcycle lifestyle. You should especially do this if you are a weekender so that you don't get the shit kicked out of you when you decide to attend a rally.

Day 5 Just couldn't get enough of Sturgis!!

So we are riding on down the road back toward Sturgis and Dan didn't seem like he was going to exit and go into town...I was like...where are you going? He was like...where should I go? I was like...turn into Sturgis!!! :)~ So he did. Not sure if you can tell or not but I love being in Sturgis. I love the electricity of all the people and bikes. The sounds of the loud pipes gives me chill bumps. I was on motorcycle overload each day that we hung out there. It's like Disneyland for me!!! I love it!!

We are walking down the road and I spot this guy and think to know...I sure haven't taken many pictures of guys on this trip. I decide to snap a pix of him. Thanks Mr. Biker!! :)~

We head back down to Main Street and end up meeting this totally awesome couple from Nebraska. They are not bikers but curious folks who have always wondered what Sturgis was all about. Dan and I are headed to the Oasis to cool down and have some beverages and the couple from Nebraska follow us in and join us at our table. There is Karaoke going on and people are singing a wide range of tunes. As we are sitting at our table laughing and watching everything that was going on around us who should walk in but Willie Nelson. We are all like...Willie...over here. We need your picture. Willie comes over and we all get our pictures taken with him.

Willie gets called up on stage to sing a number and one of his adoring fans just can't help herself. She has to get on stage with Willie and show him her boobies.(Willie was actually a look a like that did a show somewhere in Sturgis I think)
When Willie came back to our table he said to us...That chick got up there with me and when I looked down and saw her tits I forgot the fucking words! LMAO!!! Too funny!

After hanging out at the Oasis for a hour or so we decided to head on over to the Broken Spoke to see what was going on there.

We listened to Jasmine Cain and the Band for a while and then decide to take a trip back down Main Street to the Loud American to listen to the Appetite for Deception Guns and Roses Tribute band. Let me tell you I felt like I was back in the day singing along to each and every Guns and Roses song. And the Axel Rose look a like did the Axel dance really well. :)

It was finally time to leave my Disneyland for the final time this year and head back to Rapid City to rest up before we left to head back to the real world of Johnston, IA.

It was also Dan's last opportunity to get that final boobie photo. LOL
We made our way back to the bike and headed back out on the road toward Rapid City. As we rode further away I got big tears in my eyes...I could feel them falling down my cheeks. I know there is always next year but it's hard to leave a place where you feel so at home. I love ya Sturgis, South Dakota!

Day 5 Taking the Spearfish Scenic Byway...Beautiful

Wednesday morning came and it was time to ride again. We had decided the day before that we were going to do the Spearfish Scenic Byway. We rode west to Sturgis and took the exit toward Deadwood. First stop...Zippy P needed a little breakfast so Dan motored her in and filled her up. Motorcycles definitely out numbered cars at the pumps.

Entering Deadwood

This was one trip that I totally stopped doing the wave on...I would have been waving about every 30 seconds. :)

It was a little chilly that morning. I was glad I had my coat.

The Spearfish Scenic Byway is a beautiful ride. It's really difficult to show it with pictures. You really need to experience it yourself.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 4 Back in STURGIS!!

Pictures...oh so many pictures of Sturgis!!

This cute little couple would walk down Main Street hand in hand until a group of men gathered around and pushed her little boyfriend to the side for photos. She looked very young and I heard one guy ask her how old she was. She said she was 18. Guess I'll believe her.

Here is the Loud American where the Hell's Angel was shot by the Iron Pig.

This couple was the couple about Sturgis. We saw them everywhere. There are a couple more pictures of her a post or two back in the Miller Lite Girl contest.

We were hanging out and having fun downtown and good thing that Dan was paying attention to the western sky because I know I wasn't. He suggested that we head back to Rapid City before it stormed. I'm so glad that we did because it turned wicked in Sturgis and a couple people were actually struck by lightening at Glencoe. Here are a couple photos of the storm that Dan captured while I was doing laundry.

In an earlier post I mentioned a story about me and the Kentucky Headhunters. When we first got to Rapid City we had noticed two huge buses and it turned out that they belonged to the Kentucky Headhunters and Black Stone Cherry. So I'm doing laundry and I hear the bus start up. I'm like...they are going to be leaving here soon. I'm walking down the street and I'm going to try to meet them. LOL I'm usually pretty shy but I'm telling you I was in total biker chick diva mode on this trip. Nothing was holding me back...LMAO! So I'm standing across the street and one of the guitar players walks toward the bus. I yell over at him that I enjoyed the show and he thanked me and got in the bus. I stand there for a few more minutes and out walks the lead singer. As he gets closer to the bus I yell over at him that I really enjoyed the show and he couldn't hear me so he walked right up to me and said...What did you say? I told him that I saw the show Monday night and thought it was great...He shock my hand and kept saying...Well thank you honey...thank you so much honey. Then he got in the bus and I walked back and got my laundry. that is it for tonight. Hope you are enjoying the photos and the little stories. I'm having fun telling them and reliving the memories of the trip. I seriously had so much fun!

Sweet Dreams...
IHG! :)