Sunday, March 30, 2008

Motorcycle Events of Interest

B.A.F. Spring Fling and Blessing of the Bikes - April 5th, 2008 at Party Town 1820 E Army Post Road in Des Moines, IA. The event begins at 3 pm and music starts at 5 pm.(Music by *Gilmore James McIntosh*Rukus*Calous*Second Side* There will be music, vendors, food and door prizes. B.A.F. is a great organization that helps bikers and families of bikers in need.

Fun Run / Bike Blessing - April 13th, 2008 at Flanagan's in Des Moines, IA. The ride starts at noon. Flanagan's is located at 2120 Ingersoll Ave. If you have questions about the event please contact Jodie Carlson @ 515.490.6316 or Abe @ 515.210.5668. Stop by the Abate web site for more details and directions.

Bike Down to I-Town - Bike Night in Indianola, IA. This event is a blast! It happens the 3rd Friday of each month from April - September. Visit the I-Town Bike night website at If you see me there make sure you stop me and say hello! I would love to meet the actual people who read my blog! :)

The Original Bike Blessing - Road Runners MC - Sunday May 4th, 2008 from Noon - 5pm. Blessing of the Bikes @ 2 pm. Admission is $10 a person * $18 a couple. There will be FREE BEER. This event is held in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Visit for more information about this event.

Valhalla MC Nebraska Lost Brothers Poker Run - Saturday June 7th, 2008 Sign up from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm at Joe Bananas 1022 South 10th Street in Omaha, NE. $10 per hand and the top 2 hands will get a pay out. Last card will be drawn at Anchor Inn Freedom Park in Omaha, NE. Proceeds go to Juvenile Diabetes and Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Support Your Local Valhalla MC.

Four Seasons Festival Bike Night - Friday July 25, 2008 on the Square in Polk City, IA. This event is from 5 - 11 pm. This event includes a Street Dance, Food, and Beer. Live music by Free Style. Ride across the mile long bridge and help Polk City celebrate their first ever BIKE NIGHT!

The 6th Annual Sandhills Rally will be held in Johnstown, NE on July 11th - 13th. Visit to get all the lowdown on this great event. This one looks like a really fun Rally!

J & P Cycles Cruise Night - May 20, June 17, July 22, Aug 19, and Sept 9. The evening begins at 5:15 pm. This event is held at J&P Cycles in Anamosa, IA. For more info go to

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hi All...yes IHG is still alive and kick'n. I've been helping my sister and bro in law with their new bundle of joy! Sydney Allyson is one adorable little girlie! I'll post a pic or two soon! I have some info to get on here about some rallies and rides coming up in the near future. If you have anything you'd like to have me post online please send it to

Have a great night!!!


Sydney about 2 wks old. CUTE!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

25 hours later...

Sydney Allyson Ketels was finally born this morning at 1:35 am. She weighs 7 lbs. 4 oz. and is 20 inches long! I can't wait to hold my new little niece! Congrats Margo and Tim!!! Welcome to the world little Sydney!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Circle of Pride M/C 2008 Hog Wild Rodeo

This rally will be held May 15,16, & 17 in Conesville, IA. Ticket prices are $35 in Advance and $40 at the gate. There is also a $20 fee for RV and Camper passes. Entertainment includes the following: We Ain't Right Band, The Randall Zwarte Band; Hank Rotten & Allen Ross, Bag Lady Sue, Mudd Puppies, Jefferson County Green Band, Inch 75, The Untamed Shrews(comedians) and Dani Lynn Howe Band. Bob the Bull will be at the rally and there is a $100 Prize to the toughest man and woman who can ride Bob for 8 Seconds. The All Harley Outlaw Drags will be held with cash prizes. $1,000 for the Fastest Sportster and Big Twin and they are even letting the Foreign Bikes in on the deal with a $500 prize. There will be index racing and three Nitro Bikes featuring "The Flying Farmer" Allen Peterson. And to make it even better there will be tons of Vendors, Extreme Fighting featuring Dennis Reed, Ride in Bike Show, 100% payback poker run and Saturday night there will be a fireworks display. Oh my...I almost forgot the Famous "What?? T Shirt" Contest.

This rally is located 3 miles north of Columbus Junction, IA on Hwy 70. To order tickets by Mail send Money Order or Certified Check with a SASE to Circle of Pride M/C, PO Box 87, Columbus Jct., IA 52738 no later then 5/9/2008. You can also buy tickets at various locations - visit the Circle of Pride website at to find these locations and if you love XXX rally photos...holy wow! LOL!!

This rally is a wild one so if you are easily offended you should probably stay home!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Garage Party and a Few Other Thoughts...

I'm always up for anything having to do with motorcycles. Well a couple weeks ago I got this invite to the Garage Party for Women Only at Big Barn Harley Davidson. I thought I'd check it out and I'm glad that I went. There were about 45 women there from various backgrounds and with various motorcycle experience. It was good to find out that there are a few women out there just like me...motorcycle license but no motorcycle...and they are still riding 2 up. The evening began with introductions. We met the staff and met one another. After filling out a couple questionares we were put in groups and sent down on the floor of the Big Barn to our various stations. There were 4 Stations in all. The group I was with began with motorcycles. A few members of the sales staff told the group about the different families of Harley Davidson motorcycles. There are 5 in all: Sportster, Dyna, Softail, VRSC, and Touring. They of course spent all their time talking to us by the Sportsters which they told us was considered the starter Harley Davidson. One of the sales staff did say though that you should buy the bike that makes you feel the most comfortable instead of thinking that you should begin with a Sportster. After they told us everything that they knew about motorcycles they let us walk around and check out the bikes. I think the 2008 motorcycles are some of the best looking rides that HD has come out with. I love the new custom paint options and new bikes that they have created. The Rocker and the Softail Cross Bones are wicked looking scoots. After about 5 minutes of letting us wander around the bikes we were sent on to Station 2. This station was back in the service department where you drop off your bike for service. We all got the opportunity to learn how to lift a fallen bike. That was something I really needed to learn. We didn't learn that in the motorcycle safety course for some reason. I thought that they should have taken us into the shop were they actually work on the bikes. They may not have because of safety but it would have been interesting to me. Sometimes I wonder though if I'm not normal and I'm the only chick that might care about seeing that. After a quick break with refreshments and Harley Davidson trivia for prizes we were sent back down for the final two stations. Station 3 was Parts and Accessories. We learned how to remove a bike seat and got to see the new LED tail lamp. Station 4 was Motorclothes and our final station of the evening. We got to see the latest in leather, boots, and helmets. We all got together one final time and filled out another questionare and they drew a name for a door prize. We also received schwag bags which were minus really any schwag. Well we got a pen. All in all it was something that I would recommend to any woman out there that is interested in the sport of motorcycle riding. For a first timer it would be a real learning experience. For a more seasoned gal that has riden 2 up for a lot of years, there are interesting things to learn and it's fun meeting new people.

I did leave the Big Barn a little sad. My Crimson Denim Street Bob dream bike had been sold. It better not be to the guy I put a hex on. It better have been to an amazing chick rider that will love her just as much as I would have. When I noticed that she was gone I said to the P & A guy that my bike was gone and he was so understanding of my broken heart that he told me they could get another Crimson Denim Street Bob and he could help me make her even prettier just for me. How sweet was that! :) here is hoping that in 2009 or 2010 they are still making that bike. Well by then they will probably have come up with something even more rock'n!

My father will love this! Hey Dad...remember that Literature Text book you bought way back when I attended Wartburg for a term? Well I've decided to finally read it. LMAO!

My final thought for the day...I'm so excited because my new little Niece Sydney is going to be born any day now! I can't wait to hold her!

Please continue to keep our Troops in your prayers!! God Bless America!

Have a great night!

IHG! :)