Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts...

Good Morning America How are Ya? Not sure why that song just popped into my head but it did. It looks like a beautiful Sunday morning here in lovely Johnston, IA. I'm sitting here listening to some Soft Rock and drinking my coffee. The thoughts are just swimming around my head so wow...this could all be kind of random so bare with me.

Brittney Spears...why the heck do we keep pushing this nut case to the top of the spotlight. I find it very sad that she had kids with K-Fed just so she could say that she had them and now she has turned into psycho nut job mom of the century. Seriously her handlers or parent's need to guide this girl down the right path and maybe get her some help because I think she might have a major case of Post Pardom Depression or something. And once again we reward someone for their fame even though they are not emotionally stable and parade them on a stage at the VMA awards.'s very sad how this beautiful girl went so out of control. She seriously could have been a role model but now she's just a headcase.

Michael Vick...I think this jerks sentence should be getting duck taped and setting pit bulls loose to attack him. What right minded person participates in dog fighting. SICK! And to all the parent's in this country who continue to let their teenage kids sport his football attire...what the you even pay attention to your kids and what they are doing? Do you actually condone dog fighting? Burn the shirt for godsake! the celebrities. I seriously try not to pay attention to them but those two kinda have gotten under my skin. And please boycott the MTV VMA awards with me. These people are not our Heroes!

Last night I was at Border's chilling and looking at magazines. This couple comes in an sits down and about 20 minutes later the woman's cell phone rings. Instead of getting up and going outside to talk, it was a nice night out, she blabs for 15 minutes so we all could hear. What ever happened to the days of letting people leave messages and calling them back later? This whole cellphone thing is out of control. Has society forgotten how to be cordial to their fellow man/woman? Is your life so important that you need to share your 1/2 of the conversation with all of us? Please...when you are in public turn your phone on mute. Let the call go to voice mail. Worry about the call when you get home and if you can't go to a place where you are not broadcasting the conversation to everyone else!!!!

On a lighter non-bitching note. My bestest biker girl friend Kristen and her business partner Monica, celebrated their 2nd year of business at Blondie's Beauty Parlor. Yea Girlies! I went out with Kristen and the girls of Blondie's to celebrate on Thursday and we had so much fun. Those chicks are a hoot. And I found my Pretty Woman Movie quoting soulmate, Betsy....she and I were standing at the bar ordering and she started quoting Pretty Woman and I was like...OMG, I thought I was the only one that did that. LMAO...too cool! "Gimme a name...a name? The pressure of a name...Cinderfuckingrella! OMG...too funny.

Wow...this song brings back memories. Bon Jovi...Never Say Goodbye. I think that might have been my Senior Prom theme. LMAO. I can't remember though, but I think it was.

Need more Java...

So I haven't blogged at all about Billy Lane because I pretty much wrote him off my list of favorites. I was wondering the other day though what was up with him. Looks like he'll be in court the 21st of Sept and could face up to 15 yrs in prison. That's all I have to say about that...

Because of my new blogger bud KT DID I've found some truly cool new blogs. One being Rippin Kitten. She's a cool biker chick and has a very cool site. I've added it to my list of blogs I visit so you'll have to check it out.

I'm pouting...I wanted to go riding today but it looks like it's going to rain. Rain Clouds BE GONE! Didn't work! Well...Have a great Sunday and a great week! Ride Safe...Ride Free...Ride it like you stole it! LOL I sound like a t-shirt.

Have a good one and Support Our Troops and Vets!!! Remember the Fallen Heroes and boycott the MTV Video Music Awards with me!!!


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