Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Devil's Ride - I Just Can't Look Away

Here I go again.  I just can't stay away from watching this show.  Real or not, it's entertaining.  Plus I dig Grizz from Sin Mob.  I think that Sin Mob seems more believable as a MC than the Laffing Devil's.

So, 22 minutes in and both Ps get their cuts taken??  The fights weren't even believable.  And on the 2nd show they break into a garage to steal a car on camera?  OK Discovery Channel, funny stuff!  I'm going to watch this for what it is, a fake reality show, totally for entertainment only.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Iowa Harley Girl LIVES!

Yes folks, I'm still kicking.  The winter got away from me and frankly I didn't have anything motorcycle related to blog about.  After my 1/2 disappointing Sturgis trip my urge to post and ride really kind of went right out the window.  I'm over it now and ready for the 2014 riding season.  We just have to stop getting snow here in central Iowa.  This has been quite the winter for I think most of the country.  That is with the exception of Arizona since I continuously see posts on Facebook from Boston Ann about how amazing the temperature is there during the winter.  Yes you are lucky with that but for the most part I think I'd rather endure our winter then the temps they have there in the summer.  But I guess I can't judge because I've never been to AZ in the summer. 

I read a great book this winter called 1000 Biker Tattoos.  Great stories about bikers and their tattoos and great photos as well.  The author is Sara Liberte who is known for Garage Girls and Rally TV as well as her fine arts collections: Builder and Machine, Woman and Machine, and Sturgis. 

My fellow Chrome Diva and Motorcycle Blogger Janet "Corn Dog" Green is celebrating her 10th year of blogging.  Her blog Biker Chick News is a great blog for female riders. I know that the men also follow Janet because she is such a wonderful writer.  She shares a lot of her riding journeys and gives great ideas of where to ride in Iowa.  Stop by her blog and wish her a big congratulations.  

Speaking of women motorcycle bloggers, I found a totally cool chick named Sash who writes the blog Sash Mouth.  Her and her motorcycle man Highway also write a motorcycle blog called Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia.  I'm kicking myself because a few of my Diva sisters met Sash and Highway last summer.  Check out this video with a great Biker Chick Tip on Sunglasses. 

I really can't wait to ride again.  I walk by Sadie every day and tell her I miss her.  I can't wait for SPRING!!