Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rally TV - The Show You Watch Before You Go Anywhere

Have you checked out Rally TV? Sara Liberte, Chris Callen and the crew from Cycle Source Magazine are bringing you exciting motorcycle news on Rally TV. You should also check out Rally TV Online , their website that keeps you in the know about rally events.

Here is a sample of what you can find on Rally TV. You can see what you missed at Laconia this year.

Friday, June 17, 2011


On February 3, 2011 2 members of Paul "Spider" Webb & Caryn "Toots" Webb's family were victims of domestic violence. Monica Hudson & Nicole Cervantez were murdered along with Michael Tucker by Monica's boyfriend in Lake City, Florida. Nicole was 6 months pregnant.

Spider and Toots did not realize how much of an epidemic domestic violence was in this country until this happened to their family. We all have members of our families that could become a victim of domestic violence. The laws in every state are different except for one thing, none of them are tough enough or not always applied as they should be.

Because of this tragedy Spider and Toots have organized Ride 4 Reason...Stop Domestic Violence. The ride is taking place from Wednesday, July 13th and will conclude Saturday, July 16th. The ride leaves Montezuma, IA where Spider and Toots reside and will make overnight stops at Wayne Fitzgerald Camp Ground in southern Illinois, Jimbo's in Chattanooga, TN, and Soggy Bottom Camp Ground in Macon, GA. The ride will arrive in Lake City, FL on Saturday. The riders will ride to the house where the murders occurred and hold a candle light vigil. At the conclusion of the vigil the riders will ride past the Columbia County Correction Institute where they are holding the man responsible for these crimes. Saturday evening there will be music, speakers, honored guests and more in Lake City.

The route that Spider, Toots, and the other riders joining them will travel Interstate 80 East - 74 South - 155 South - 55 South - 64 East - 57 South - 24 South - 75 South - US 90 into Lake City, FL.

If you have any questions, concerns, want to make donations, want to help promote this event or want to join the ride please contact Caryn Webb (Toots) @ 641-990-7826 or cawebb66@yahoo.com or Paul Webb (Spider) @ 641-990-7827 or jlwebbman42@yahoo.com .

Monday, June 13, 2011

95 KGGO T-shirt Giveaway

I love 95 KGGO. They play classic rock and let me say...this station ROCKS! Well I bought a KGGO t-shirt a while back loving the logo on the front. When I got it home I noticed it had a LOGO on the back too. I'm not really a logo on the back kinda girl so I decided to give it away. No gimmicks, nothing to vote on, nothing to guess...just giving it away. It's a size large and has never been worn. It's a freaking cool t-shirt!!!! If you would like to be in the drawing to get this shirt please leave a comment. I will announce the winner of the shirt next Monday.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

She's a Highway Prophet - Jasmine Cain

If you follow my blog regularly you know I'm a huge fan of Jasmine Cain. She recently released her latest CD "Highway Prophet". You can find her tunes, including many from the new CD on ReverbNation. My personal favorite is "1995". Seriously, this girl knows how to rock and she's pulled it out from the depths of her rocker soul on this new CD. Check out the song "Runaway" and some great photos from photo shoots and gigs that she's played. One thing about Jasmine is she loves her fans and is one of the nicest rockers you will ever meet. If you make it to a rally where she'll be playing make sure you check her and her band out. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

High on the HOG - The MeanStreet Riders

The debut LP by the MeanStreet Riders is due out this summer and I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy to listen to and review.

The MeanStreet Riders are a group of musicians that also love to ride. The members of the band are Shannon Wallace, Dowlin Mayfield, Eric Lampley, Greg Torres, Kevin LaCour, and Fritz Froeschner. They decided to form their band in 2008 when they were riding Highway 129 "Deals Gap" aka "The Dragon". The song "129" tells about leaving a love behind and riding the "129". It's definately a song that any rider out there can relate to. When we saddle up and roll down the highway, hopefully we can leave all the bad stuff behind for a brief time.

The MeanSreet Riders sound alot like the Eagles. I also heard a little Molly Hatchet influence and there was a bluesy Allman Brothers feel too. I would recommend this CD as a travel enhancement for your next ride since the songs are very motorcycle and riding related. It would also be a great cd to add into your next party music rotation. After listening to the cd multiple times I found myself singing along. The song "High on the Hog" is very catchy and it's how I feel every time I ride Sadie. I really feel like I don't need anything else while I'm rolling down those back roads and I truly feel "High on the Hog". The MeanStreet Riders put their love of motorcycles and the open road to music. Their CD will bring out your own memories of past rides and rallies. It will remind you of people that you met along the way and the ones that have influenced your life. It will create excitement in your soul and it will make you feel excitement for your next great ride!

I wish The MeanStreet Riders great success with their new LP. Music and Motorcycles, a combination that sings to your soul. I really love their motto - Remember Life’s too short for traffic so Rock N Roll on the open Road!! I also like that they stand for FREEDOM and our Freedom as Riders!

Visit The MeanStreet Riders website where you can listen to clips of their CD for yourself. The First 10,000 visitors that sign up on their site receive a private screening of their Rockementary.

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