Sunday, January 29, 2006

Innocent Little Angel

I've been following the story of 10 year old Jetseta Gage since she went missing on March 24th of 2005 and one day later her body was found in an abandoned mobile home near Cedar Rapids. Roger Bentley was arrested for her abduction, rape and murder. He has been standing trial in Davenport this week. I read the testimony of what he did to this innocent little angel and it just breaks my heart. That poor little girl. I can't even imagine the terror and pain she went through the last hours of her life. Roger Bentley deserves more than a life sentence in prison. He deserves to be tortured for the rest of his life. What a sick bastard!!! He and his brother, who also molested this little girl, ripped her innocents away forever. And then because of some sick twisted perversion Roger Bentley took her away from her home, raped and murdered her. The thing that makes me even more sick is the fact that Jetseta's mother dated James Bentley, Roger's brother, after knowing the man was a sex offender. She let these two men into her home around her daughter after knowing these two men preyed upon little girls. And when they show Jetseta's mother crying it enrages me. I realize she is sad that her daughter was taken away from her so brutally but she should have considered the consequences of letting known sex offenders into her life. What I don't understand is why women let such scum into their lives just so they can have some love. Don't the needs of your child come first?? That is why you have children. To love them, provide for them and make their lives rich and help them grow. Not bring some sick fucking perverts into your home with the chance that they might molest your daughter. Ok...I'm done ranting. It just sickons me to no end and my heart breaks for this little girl. Next week Jetseta will finally be able to rest in peace when her rapist and murderer goes to prison for the rest of his life. May this little angel be in heaven with the other little angels where no one can hurt them ever again.

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