Sunday, April 13, 2014


You really couldn't tell it's spring because of today's cold and rainy weather but thankfully it is!  That was one cold and snowy winter.  I definitely had PMS aka Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.  Sadie was a little temperamental again this year and didn't want to start.  I guess I need to invest in that trickle charger since Zippy Pickle can't share.  I finally did get her started though and have taken her on a couple rides around town.  What a great feeling!  A girl and her motorcycle, such a beautiful sight!

Last fall I lost one of my riding gloves.  I don't know how but it vanished.  Maybe there is a glove gremlin like there is a sock gremlin.  Hopefully it will show back up eventually since one could always use a back up pair.  Well on my way to visit my sister I stopped at my favorite Harley Dealer in Waterloo, Silver Eagle, and purchased a very awesome new pair of riding gloves.  It kind of freaked me out that I really liked them because they have a pink bar and shield and pink stitching.  Let me tell you they are awesome.  They just pull on and I don't have to fight with the Velcro strap like I did my other pair.  They will take a little breaking in but so far I'm really liking how they fit and feel.  Plus I love the smell of new leather!  At $55.00 for the pair I better take better care of these.

Check out this cool tank that Harley Davidson has come out with for the 2014 Sportster.  It's great to see that Harley Davidson is making a few more tanks with the female rider in mind.  I like how they took the paisleys and created skulls with them to add a little more of an edgy look.  A guy I know that works for the Harley Dealer in Iowa City posted this photo one day a few months back and asked people what they thought of it.  Of course some guy had to say something extremely derogatory and negative about it.  It really got under my skin. (Can't ya tell?)  I applaud Harley Davidson for realizing that 1 in 4 motorcycle riders are female.  Having options that aren't 100% geared to males is refreshing.  Mr. Derogatory and Negative is just going to have to get a grip and accept that we are here to stay and we may want a kick ass tank that sets us apart.      

With it being spring, cages have forgotten that we are out on the road.  We've already had a few motorcycle versus cage accidents this riding season, here in Des Moines.  There was also one death caused by a drunk driver.  The rider will be buried tomorrow in Des Moines.  He was injured about a month ago, coming back from a memorial ride for a young man that lost his life to cancer.   He passed the beginning of last week. Prayers to his family and friends.   

Please be careful out there my rider friends!  Have a safe and adventurous riding season!  


Janet said...

Hi Steph - I hadn't seen that tank design yet... although the skulls are not really my style, I do like that they have a more feminine appearance and I like the look of the tank overall. Like you, I've been considering new gloves this season as well. But I haven't made any choices yet. What I would really like is to buy a pair of Thinsulate liners (do they even make those?) so I can wear them under ANY gloves. I'm thinking maybe the hunting or camping stores might have them if the bike shops don't. Those are some people who know how to keep warm! LOL Glad you have had Sadie out a little, yes Kitten needs a battery tender too! Hope to see you very soon!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Smart on H.D.'s part. The derogatory comment is just from a dumb ass.
H.D. has come along way with their paint options. This is just another. Like it or leave it.

WooleyBugger said...

It's been weather like yours down south way as well, ride when we can and don't forget the rain gear.
I just don't get the problem with having female riders, the more there is on two wheels the merrier it is for all of us.