Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Devil's Ride - I Just Can't Look Away

Here I go again.  I just can't stay away from watching this show.  Real or not, it's entertaining.  Plus I dig Grizz from Sin Mob.  I think that Sin Mob seems more believable as a MC than the Laffing Devil's.

So, 22 minutes in and both Ps get their cuts taken??  The fights weren't even believable.  And on the 2nd show they break into a garage to steal a car on camera?  OK Discovery Channel, funny stuff!  I'm going to watch this for what it is, a fake reality show, totally for entertainment only.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I am in the same boat - I watched one episode and I was hooked! For me, I am watching it on Netflix, so it is binge watching season one!

I am not sure what I will do once it is all over and Season 2 not yet on Netflix!

For me, I can't wait for the weather to change so I can get back to riding here in NJ!

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