Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thank you Guardian Angel

So I've always felt like I have a Guardian Angel that watches over me and keeps me out of harms way in life. I've always thought that my Guardian Angel is my Godmother Celia Boom. I never knew her because she passed away when I was very young but for some reason I've always thought it is her. She definately stepped in this evening on my way home from work and helped me so I didn't get in an accident with the car in front of me. I was watching my speed because the road I was on was snow packed and in places there were patches of ice. I crested this hill and was slowing to stop and the car in front of me began to slide out of control...thank god I'm pretty good at winter driving and I pumped my brakes and counter steered my car and got around the car in front of me instead of hitting it. My heart was pounding a million miles a hour and I waited for the car that started the whole thing to go by me so I could get back in the lane to turn. As the car passed the lady in it and I looked at each other with that Thank God we didn't crash look and we went on our ways home, driving even slower then we had before. Instantly I was like...thanks Celia for saving me yet again. Can I say it again??? I'm so ready for SPRING!




Anonymous said...

WOW, so glad you are okay and avoided the crash! I think we are all on just about our absolute "last nerve" when it comes to winter... I know I am getting anxious for spring, and it's definitely affecting my driving! Take care and drive safe - glad you are okay! ~ Janet (BikerChickNews)

Dean "D-Day" said...

I hear ya! Glad you're alright.
We had whole sections of the interstate shut down with cars backed up for almost 20 miles. Some of those people spent 12 hours sitting in their vehicles! Luckily, I wasn't one of them. I did have a nice 4-1/2 foot tall snow drift in my driveway though. I AM SOOOOO READY FOR SPRING!!!
(43 days and counting)

Anonymous said...

Here in Memphis,Tn it is sunny and 63.Just what is snow,anyways?