Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh Baby...Talk Dirty to Me!!

Last Saturday Mitzi, Todd, Dan, and I traveled over to Newton to see Veins of Jenna, Great White, Dokken, Ratt, and Poison. Great White was actually not too bad and Poison ROCKED the Speedway. I've been to many a concert in my life. The best concert I've seen to date was Rob Zombie but Poison has now pushed Rob down to number 2. I totally felt like I was 17 again. When Bret and the boys ripped into Talk Dirty to Me I had an image of myself in scary Larry's basement hearing that song for the first time and just loving it! I was hooked!! Now all these years later with his long rocker hair(still wondering if it is really a wig) and his rock star look, Bret Michaels was amazing. Thanks for making me feel like a wild teenage girl again! I let out a big whoop when he mentioned Sturgis before he sang Ride the Wind and he brought tears to my eyes when he sang Something to Believe in. I took a few pictures on my phone.(Bret's Bus, Great White performing, Jack Russell, and the crowd during the song Something to Believe in.) They are not the best but there are a few highlights. My final comment on this exciting Saturday adventure is...Don Dokken...hang it SUCK!!!!!!!(you walked off the stage after 15 minutes when I saw you back in the late 80's and should have just kept on a walking!)

Oh...and Baby...ahhhhh...Talk Dirty to Me!!!

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Dean "D-Day" said...

Ah yes...the 80's. What a lot of great memories. Big hair bands, wild sex and a lot of partying! It's amazing I didn't kill myself.

Poison was my favorite and I still find myself cranking up their CD when I'm driving in my truck. I'm even secretly watching "Brett Michaels: Rock of Love" on VH1. (How pathetic for a supposedly mature man of 39 years.) Anyway, thanks for the memories.