Monday, September 29, 2008

45 Years Spurs a Trip to Wisconsin

My Mom and Dad will be celebrating their 45th Wedding Anniversary on October 19th. They didn't want a party so they decided that the family should go to one of their favorite vacation spots...Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. I created a photo montage of the extended weekend. Wisconsin is a beautiful state. I'd love to go back on the motorcycle.

My folks rented a cottage for the weekend. My sister Margo, her husband Tim, and my niece Sydney, Dan and myself, met my folks in Egg Harbor on Thursday. Friday and Saturday we spent the day going to shops, art fairs, and roadside markets. Dan and I took a side trip to the Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial and had a great time with June at Siobhan's Wine in Fish Creek. Thursday night I had spotted a sign that said Motorcycle Memorial Park 2 Miles so on Saturday Dan and I took a side trip to find it. I'm really happy that we did. It was a very spiritual place and a very nice tribute to the Fallen Brothers and Sisters of Wisconsin that road motorcycles. There was a large group of Honda GoldWing riders there when we pulled up.

On Sunday we headed to Milwaukee to the Harley Davidson Museum. It was really great being able to go there. There was so much to see that I could have spent hours there reading every single piece of history about every single part of the motorcycle lifestyle and the history of Harley Davidson. If you get a chance definitely go but plan to be there a few hours because it's not a place you want to hurry through.

We had a great weekend and I'm very happy that my folks suggested this trip to celebrate their 45th Anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Love you both very much!!!


Kathleen Jennette said...

The flying eagle sculpture got me good! Great pics and glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Ms. IHG,

Congratulation mom and dad wishing you both many more happy years together! Sounds like a very nice time was had in a very nice part of the country. I’m planning on making the HD museum next spring for a weekend road trip.


Anonymous said...

ps... i didn't know you were left handed... but I won't hold it against you :-)


Lady R (Di) said...

Very cool video! I loved the pic of grandma in the background laughing at her granddaughter. It makes a beautiful picture, and she's such a pretty baby! Egg Harbor looks like a really nice place. Thanks for taking us on a great relaxing virtual vacation!

FLHX_Dave said...

You suck hot exhaust pipes! Man, I am dying here seeing all the picts of the HD museum.

Nice slideshow. Congrats to your mom and pops for the 45. Thanks for sharing you life with the rest of us. Especially those museum picts. Someday I am going to make it, but by then everyone is going to be like, "been there, done that, who cares Dave!"

"Joker" said...

Nice to see there are some families that can go on vaca together and have fun. We tried it once and I ended up having a blow-out with my mother-in-law that shook the family up for the next year afterwards. Oh well :)

Glad you guys had fun. The Museum is awesome huh? You got some great pictures! Happy 45th to your Mom & Dad!

Ann said...

Great pics! And that 1st song is one of my favorites! Nice job on the slideshow.

That's great that your parents wanted to be with the whole fam for their anniversary. Cherish every moment with them.

Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing with us!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

The answer to your question at the end of the video: No one!

Great video, Thanks for sharing your memories. cool pics. Wisconsin reminds me of home. Some of the best rides I've been on are in Wisconsin.

B.B. said...

Sounds like a great trip! Loved the pics!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Fish Creek?!!! Egg Harbor?!!!
I love Door County!!
They couldn't have picked a more beautiful area! Glad you all enjoyed your time while in our great state.

IHG said...

KT - I stood for about 10 minutes and just looked at that was an amazing work of art!

fasthair - It was a great trip and you'll really enjoy the museum. There is so much to see. Left Handed people ROCK!!! :)

LadyR - The pictures at the beginning are in Dubuque. I thought about you as we rolled through town. Isn't Sydney a doll? I just love her so much and so does Grandma and Grandpa too.

flhx_dave - Ouch...sucking hot exhaust pipes might be painful....not going to try that! LOL You'll get there someday Man!!! Just keep the faith. And trust me...I will never say been there, done that, old news Dave...I want to go back again because I feel like I missed a lot!

Joker - we did have fun. I enjoyed hanging out with my family!
The Museum was so wonderful. I didn't want to leave. I wanted to lie down in between all the motorcycles and just soak it all in. I did think though that the restaurant was a little much...too yuppie for me.

Ann - the first song makes me a little weepie but i love it.

Mr. M - MN, WI, and Iowa are all kinda alike in a way. I feel at home in your state and I felt at home in WI too.

B.B. - Thanks Biker Momma!

D-Day - Had a live in a beautiful state!

Big Daddy said...

I think that FLHX , BB , Ann and I should plan for a trip to milwaukee.
If we ever do.
We definately want you there:]

Unknown said...

Give my best to your parents! Looks like an awesome time!

Unknown said...

The State is a beautiful state and has more than 100,000 lakes. It's a great place to visit no matter where you go...I'd have to lean slightly more "left" to live there though.

Dean "D-Day" said...

"Left"?!? Oh, now you've offended me.
Actually Wisconsin is pretty conservative. It's only because the inner city of Milwaukee and Madison ("Berkeley East") comes in and wipes out the rest of our votes in every election.