Sunday, October 27, 2013

GET ON - A Guide To Riding Motorcycles For Women Who Think Too Much by Janet H. Green

If you have been rolling the thought of riding your own motorcycle around in your head and still haven't decided if you should or not, you need to buy this e-book.  As a woman I totally over think everything.  Well most everything.  When I was trying to make the decision if I was going to ride my own or continue to ride two-up I wish I would have had this book as my guide.

Get On - A Guide to Riding Motorcycles For Women Who Think Too Much by Janet H Green is truly wonderful.  Janet sprinkles in a bit of humor and a lot of truth in her e-book.  This veteran rider of over 10 years, covers pretty much everything that rolls through a woman's mind when she is trying to make this important decision.  A decision that ultimately will change her life forever if she decides to go for it and ride her own.

So many people try to talk you out of riding because it's oh so dangerous.  Janet says it best in the "What Will (Insert Name Here) Think?" chapter, "Motorcycles are not dangerous.  In fact, in this whole entire book there is only one guarantee I can make, and that is this:  You can approach a motorcycle, walk all around it, run your hand over it's leather seat, even check your teeth for lipstick in the reflection of its chrome air cleaner - and it will not harm you.  No, motorcycles are not dangerous.  Bad riding habits are dangerous.  The motorcycle is merely a machine.  The danger comes when you are uneducated in and unprepared for its proper and safe usage."  

This book will totally empower any woman that has been giving riding a second, third, and maybe fourth thought.  It will guide her to decide that maybe riding her own just isn't for her because there is oh so much involved.  I have a feeling though that the women who buy and read this book, especially the "Why, Indeed?" chapter, will get the push they need to at least take the MSF motorcycle class to see if it's really a dream that is worth pursuing further. 

Janet covers it all in this book, from the must haves to finally learning to ride.  The section about which motorcycle to purchase, when you are just getting started, offers great tips on what to look for and think of when you are trying to decide.    

I think the best part of this book is the truthful nature of it.  Janet tells you exactly what you need to hear about riding your own.  She shares great knowledge from her years of riding.  She gives the reader great thoughts to ponder on the reader's journey to riding her own.  This is definitely a must read for all women that are thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle, even if they don't think too much! 

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Janet / Corn Dog said...

Steph! Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment on Get On - I am so glad you liked it! I hope that at the very least, it's entertaining - and at most, helpful and inspiring. Your kind comments mean the world to me! - Janet

Unknown said...

My wife has always wanted a motorcycle. However, she was always too afraid to buy one, but I'm not sure why. She did a lot of research, and ended up reading this book and really liked it. After, she went out and bought a Harley.