Saturday, July 27, 2013


On Friday, Aug 2 I will be making a journey that I've always dreamed of.  I'm so excited that Sadie and I will be riding to the grandest rally in the country, Sturgis!  I look forward to the ride, hanging with the group I'm riding out with, and all the great people that I will meet along this great journey.  This will be my 4th Sturgis Rally and while the other 3 were amazing and unforgettable, I believe this one is the one that will mean the most to me. 

I'm staying at the Buffalo Chip Campground this year.  I look forward to seeing the Mayor of Fun, Bean're, who is going to attempt to break a Guinness Book World Record by riding a mini bike from Louisville, KY to Sturgis, SD.  Crazy!! 

I'm also super excited about seeing Jasmine Cain again!  I totally love her music and she's such an awesome, fun chick.  She'll be playing downtown at the EasyRider Saloon.  Her shows are always amazing!! 

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!  I'm about to lose control and I know I LOVE it! 

See you at the Rally!


Unknown said...

All show, no go! Still waiting on the info I have asked you for many times. What is the exact, make and model, year of the pitbike, and did you register it as an moped with KY? For some reason you are ducking the questions everywhere I ask you.You claimed on Louisville Vintage FB page to use a loophole to get it legal. I checked the KY laws, and would like know the exact model. If you feel you cannot answer that question. In lieu of an answer, I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO AN CROSS COUNTRY RACE OR IRONBUTT 1000 ,1500 ride using IBR rules. NO trailers, vans or 4 wheel support or any kind. Just a bike with a spot tracer, and vidieo all the time.

IHG said...

Mr. Netzhammer,

You'll need to take this up with Bean're personally. Not sure he'll even see your comment.