Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Feeling of Empowerment

Well, I finally did it.  I finally road out of my comfort zone of central Iowa.  My journey started on Sunday.  The roads were wet but I kept telling myself, as we motored down interstate 35, that this was a great learning experience.  Further down the way the road became dry.  It stayed dry until out of no where this crazy thick rainy fog began.  Spent about a hour at Boondocks and then ventured on down the road.  Where were we heading...Duluth, MN.  400 miles later, Sunday evening, I was pulling my bike into the parking lot of a Radisson hotel in downtown Duluth.  I felt accomplished and empowered.  I had finally done something that I dreamed of for many years.  I road tripped on my own motorcycle.  On Sunday's journey I motored through Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  I have to say I couldn't really tell that I left Iowa until I made it up to Duluth and saw the beautiful Lake Superior.  Corn, Corn, Corn...Corn....more Corn.  HA!

I've had a great time riding these past few days.  I only freaked myself out twice on the entire trip.  Once was on this wicked steep hill in Duluth.  I need to work on that skill!  I kinda broke the law and ran a red light to make the hill.  Oops!  The other was in this tiny town looking for a gas station.  I didn't dump my bike but there was a quick moment when I thought I was going to.  I'm sure the guys that were watching were like...Holy Hell...get that lady off that motorcycle.  Good learning experiences all the same.  Keep your head about ya!

Tonight I'm chilling at Boom's B & B before taking off tomorrow for home.  In all I'll have about 800 miles under my belt from this adventure.  I'm pretty damn proud of myself!

My words to anyone, especially any woman that is thinking about riding her own, do it and keep doing it until you accomplish your goal of getting on two wheels.  It is truly the best experience I've ever had.  It makes me feel strong.  It makes me feel free!  This trip has helped me clear that stress out of me that has been building for weeks.  Bottom line...I needed this trip to prove to myself that I CAN RIDE!!!  I needed to prove to myself that I am IHG!

BTW...this is my 500th Post!


Anonymous said...

Good for you, IHG. "Ain't nuthin' to it, but to do it'.

Hey check out my blog for posts and videos from my recent 13-day MC trip.

Canajun said...

Awesome. Congratulations!

WooleyBugger said...

Congrats are in order. Glad you got out and stretched your wings and had a great time doing it. You know, some riders never even leave their own town, ever. Look at you lady, tearing up the road.

500 posts is it's own milestone.

Lady R (Di) said...

Reading this reminded me of my first over night trip while riding my own. It was scary and exciting all at once. Congratulations... you did it!!

I love that you've hooked up with some other great ladies to ride with. Chrome Divas Rock!

I'm looking forward to your next adventure. Now that you've done this one, you'll be chomping at the bit to go again. Farther and longer...

From the words of our mutual friend, KT... Happy Trailz! :)

Hogman said...

I never had any doubt.

Janet / Corn Dog said...

Steph! I think this is truly awesome - GOOD FOR YOU!! One of my favorite things about you is how much your enthusiasm for riding the bike, and reaching the goals, comes through on your blog! :) Sometimes we self-talk ourselves into believing something is going to be super-scary or really difficult, and turns out all that worry was for nothing because finally, you just do it... and then wonder why it took us so long! LOL Anyway, YES those steep hills are a booger and I'm glad (but not surprised) you survived the challenge. Congrats and welcome home!

WhassupBarncat said...

Duluth is uber-tricky! Don't be a car in January on one of those hills with stoplights, or you're a goner! That was one city where I was grateful to rely on public transportation. A great town to explore. Were you able to travel up the North Shore at all? It's very pretty.