Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hello From IHG!!!

I have a very awesome interview in the works with one of my favorite Biker Chicks, who many of you know pretty well! More to come!!!!!! :)

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE out there! Love you all and thank you for all your continued visits to my blog. I can't believe I'm going on 7+ years....that's what happens when you love something so much. I love, love, love motorcycles and the people in the culture! We are all one big amazing group of individuals.

I have a new favorite song and I found a very cool version of it on YouTube. Some of you may think Lady Gaga is a little out there but I love that she's not afraid to be what she wants to be. That's what makes her special and her song "You and I" is just freaking cool as all Heck!!! Enjoy!


Willy D said...

If a old Neil Young die-hard like me likes it, then it’s good. That was good.

dan said...

Hi Steph,Lady Gaga is wild but I love Sugarland. She is so cool. Sure hated to see summer gone but it was a great year. Got some great riding in. Retired last dec so I had plenty of time to ride. Have a great Christmas. dan

Kathleen Jennette said...

I like Gaga. She's upfront and honest about herself. Can't be better than that, even if one doesn't like her music. I do like some of her tunes though :)