Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank You for My Freedom!

We shouldn't just remember our Veterans, Fallen Heroes, and Active Military a few times a year. We need to remember them each and every day because they gave/give us our FREEDOM!


Unknown said...

Absolutely. We definitely make a point of thanking military personnel for their service whenever we get the chance.

Anonymous said...


Yes we should support our troops. But, we should also do a couple of other things;

One, we should always question why we are at war in the first place,
are we really raping Iraq and Afghanistan because of Al Quaida or another 9/11 ?
Shouldn't we first question our relationship with Saudi Arabia, where every
single Hijacker obtained a visa from the consulate in Jeddah.
Anyone who wants to support our troops who are fighting wars in that part of
the world really needs to familiarize themselves with how it works.

Saudi Arabia has no problem with us and our perpetual arms bazar, and provides
material support for us to attack our "shared enemies". What we need to realize
is they are the enemy, massive amounts of money dissapear into the royal family
and end up in the hands of people like bin-laden.

The second thing we need to do is realize these wars are bankrupting this country.
There has not been a war tax, we are financing the wars by devaluing our currancy,
countries like China and Japan are buying our debt. What happens when our $623
billion a year military loan comes due ?

The notion that these wars are being fought for our freedom is laughable but it
does have a hint of truth; considering Saudi Arabia's role as the worlds oil supply
excess capacity "fixer" and that Iraq holds as much if not more reserves, and
could possibly match if not exceed Saudi production in the near future,
then yes these wars are for our continued freedom to use cheap oil.
World oil markets will forever be in our debt.

Afghanistan is probably the most strategically valuable country in terms of Asian
access to Caspian sea resources of oil and gas. If we can secure the pipeline route,
we get a cut. Not to mention its vast rare earth resources.

If you're going to support the troops, know what our government past and present
has gotten them into, and learn how our collective ignorance has let them do it.


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