Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Marisa Miller - Start Something


Kissy Lovestuff said...

very cool!
although here's one of the differences between me on a harley and marisa miller on a harley: my hair is just as long as hers and i was out on the bike the other day and decided to throw caution to the wind (i.e. lazy) and NOT ponytail or wrap my hair. big, giant, knotty mistake! i notice in some of the footage that marisa was doing the loose hair thing, too. the difference? took me 1.5 hours to get through all the knots. i'm not even sure that supermodels even get knots (it's that 'super' thing, like superpower), but i am quite sure that if they do, they don't spend 1.5 hours trying to comb the knots out themselves like i did. i'm also quite sure they have 'people' to do things like that for them. or superproducts that the rest of us can't have that make their superhair superperfect.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Glad to see that H-D actually has her riding this year. Last year when they first introduced her, she wasn't actually riding her own yet and H-D fans crucified her. Still nice to look at though. :)

Willy D said...

Cool clip. I even saw a guy with a tee from our local dealer. Wonder where they shot the burn-out?

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Very cool video, Stephanie.

At first it reminded me of old Rt 66 in Arizona. But nope. Looks like it was shot here: http://ludb.clui.org/ex/i/CA6089/ and http://www.seeing-stars.com/oc/DesertGasStation.shtml Looks to be a movie set.

FLHX_Dave said...

WillyD, Tom, the service writer at our HD shop, was the one who was suppose to teach her how to ride. I guess he did apparently. That would explain the Monterey HD shirt.

I guess it's ok. Yeah it's badass and all but I'll be impressed when I see her jump her bike like Ann did in AZ. There are so many women who ride who deserve this spot more...pffttttt

Thanks for the peep though! You are far more badass than this chick Steph...seriously.

IHG said...

Kissy...you had me laughing! She has that special supermodel hair.

Dean...it is good that they have her riding now. I really thought there were so many other actual biker chicks that would have been hotter then Marisa. I do understand though that HD is trying to reach out to a new demo of people.

WillyD...you mean you didn't have the down low on her being in your town?

Razor...thanks for the link.

Dave...buddy...thanks for the badass shout out! I think you are super badass!!!! I really believe that HD needs to embrace the biker chicks like Ann and LadyR. They have Biker oozing from their soul...I haven't felt that ooze from MM yet. Not sure if it's something you can aquire with time. I believe it's in your soul from the very beginning and some of us have it and most just wish they knew it.

IHG said...

Just thinking...don't her legs seem too long for that Nightster? Just say'n.