Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bikers are Animals - A Children's Book on Motorcycling

Press Release - Take a Fun Ride with this Exciting New Children’s Book about Motorcycles and Animals!

Bikers are Animals - A Children’s Book on Motorcycling is released by author Paul Jamiol.

In this new book, cartoonist and motorcycle enthusiast Paul Jamiol introduces children to the world of motorcycling. Meet Thor and Trash, two tough bears that love to ride their motorcycles everywhere. Together they founded the “Bears Motorcycle Club.” They also share their love of motorcycling with other riding animals. Youngsters will meet an eagle named Talon, an elephant named Slick and even a squirrel named Akorn! There are many other animal riders as well. Jamiol introduces the characters of this motorcycle-riding menagerie with a short description of their personalities and their likes and dislikes, followed by a colorful portrait of each character on his or her bike.

Children will enjoy meeting the unusual cartoon characters in Bikers are Animals while they learn about the joys of motorcycling. There is a section on motorcycle safety, and Jamiol even includes a section of line drawings at the end of the book so kids might use their imagination to color some of their favorite Bikers are Animals characters. This reading adventure is for all kids who love animals and who could imagine them having fun in a world of motorcycles.

Author Paul Jamiol, an avid motorcyclist, has been cartooning and illustrating for the past 40 plus years. He has been recognized for his work locally, nationally and internationally. His cartoons and illustrations have been featured in numerous motorcycle magazines and mainstream newspapers.

BIKERS are ANIMALS is a great gift for any young child.

This one-of-a-kind, original children's book from Paul Jamiol retails for $14.95.


Oz said...

Sounds interesting. A little too late for my teenage son, but not for some of my friends' children.

Paul Jamiol said...

Thanks for the post.

Willy D said...

Teaching kid that bikers ‘are not’ animals is a good idea. I totally agree with the concept. But I’m not sure I agree with the title.

Ken said...

That's a great combination of photograph and cartoon!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Looks cute. I bet my young nephews would get a kick out of it. They Love my Harley, and their Dad doesn't ride. They have Harley scooters and all kind os biker stuff though.

GYMONR said...

My kids are a little to old now, but looks like a great book. Keep up the good work.
Big Al

Learning to Golf said...

I would buy this book for my grandbabies except for the title. Concept is great, pictures look outstanding, but a lot of folks will pass because of the title which is a shame when the message inside is what is important.

Paul Jamiol said...

Guys, I picked the title with a purpose which was to take the negative out of the phrase and make it a positive for those who aren't familiar with the MC world and the folks that inhabit that world. My hope is when kids and parents see what it means and the fact that it is positive, that the phrase will be weakened for those who have read it. So far, the kids that have read and played with the book have loved it...and delight in what kind of "Animals" these bikers are.

I understand the feelings of those who might have issue with the title but it wasn't done to paint bikers negatively. It was to show kids that bikers are cool, fun and can't be judged just by their looks.

Paul J.

Ann said...

OK, the title threw me at first, but now I get it. I am going to give one of these to each of my 3 grandbabies! Great concept!

Paul Jamiol said...

Ann, Thanks and they will love it. It's also a fun book to read to a child.

Paul J.