Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brotherhood of United Bikers

We Are The Brotherhood Of United Bikers.
Our Aim Is To Ride Together No Matter What Type Of Iron You Ride.
We Respect All That Appreciate Running free,
And In The Wind.
We Are All About Motorcycles,Freedom,Brotherhood And Helping Our community.
The Brotherhood Of United Bikers Does Not Compete With Any Other Club, But We Will Be There To Assist Our Fellow Bikers In Need.
We Ride To Promote A Brotherhood And Have A Good Time.
The Brotherhood Of United Bikers Are Open To Both Men & Women Who Enjoy Riding.
Our Member's Are Hard Working Men & Women,With Family's And Responsibilities..
We Are Put Here To Help,Improve And Support The Communities In Which we Live In.

Sounds like a really amazing motorcycle club to belong to, huh? Recently I did an interview with Frank, the President of the Ionia, IA chapter. Check out what he had to say about his club.

What is your motorcycle club called?

Brotherhood of United Bikers

When was the first chapter started?

The first chapter began in 2005 in Suffolk, NY.

Why did the founding club begin their organization?

It started as a car club with a strong motorcycle division that broke off to begin a motorcycle club.

How many chapters are in Iowa?

There are currently two chapters. I am the President of the Ionia Chapter in Northeast Iowa. The other chapter is in the southern Iowa town of Chariton.

Tell me about the club and what you stand for?

Each chapter has its own agenda, we have by laws and standards to up hold, but we have the autonomy to take our chapters in the direction that best meets our lives. Our motto really tells it all.

Do you have any events for charity?

In 2010 the Ionia Chapter is working with town officials on a bike night, a toy run and a cancer awareness ride.

Does it matter what kind of motorcycle you ride?

All Iron is Welcome .

Are females allowed to join your club?

Yes, there is a NY chapter who has a female VP.

Do you prospect a potential member?

Yes, for 6 months and they must attend events.

Do you wear a vest and patch?

Yes, one back patch that shows our county or city and state.

I see you are the President of the Ionia Chapter. Why did you decide to join the Brotherhood of United Bikers?

I had become friends with a couple of the chapter presidents, and after awhile felt it was a club I wanted to be part of.

How long have you been riding?

Just over 30 years.

What motorcycle do you ride?

Have had many bikes 2 Harleys, 6 Kawasakis,and now i ride a 2003 Shadow Spirit and a 1100 xs Yamaha.

If someone wants to join the Brotherhood of United Bikers how do they go about it?

They can email me ( or go to Brotherhood of United Bikers

The Iowa chapters are new to the club and are looking for growth in the upcoming year. There are over 36 chapters and we are international with chapters in Canada and the UK.

A big thank you to Frank for taking the time to share what this M/C is all about.


FLHX_Dave said...

Very cool. The M/C is all good but how do you get these interviews? heh, need to sell yourself to a bike rag and do this for a living.

You ain't got nothin' to lose IHG. Give it a shot. Seriously.

Willy D said...

Ride and invest in ‘your’ community. Great concept.

the rider said...

Very interesting, sounds like something we could do with over here. In my area (Western Cape) there are several bike clubs who all do charitable work but it would benefit all if there was some organisation to co ordinate all of the good work.
I like the "Brotherhood of bikers" aspect because that sums it up.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I like what they are about. I wonder if they ever get any shit from outlaw MC's.

IHG said...

That's a great question to Mr. M. I'll e-mail Frank and see what he says.

Anonymous said...

when i first heard of the bob i thought they were an outlaw mc

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. M, my name is puzzles. I am currently the treasure for Brotherhood of United Bikers out in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

We don't get a lot of crap from them because we don't have the rocker on the bottom of our cuts. The 1% are really concerned on the rockers, for example "California" as a bottom rocker will probably get you shot in California by a 1% club.