Saturday, November 07, 2009

More about me...

Well now that the worst of it is hopefully over I feel better about writing about what is going on with me. I was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia called "Hairy Cell". Yes, that is really what it is called. Only 2 in 2 million women get this and I was the lucky one. I've been in the hospital since Oct 19th. I've had my chemotherapy. It was 7 days long, 24 hours a day. I'm waiting now for my white blood cell count to go up so that I can be sprung from hospital jail. I'm feeling really good and am hoping for the leukemia to go into remission. I feel very lucky because I haven't lost my hair. That was really freaking me out. So that's what's up with IHG. I will be back and riding again one of these days. For now I'm resting and praying for an excellent outcome to this whole experience.

Get out and ride!
IHG - Stephanie


Learning to Golf said...

Best wishes for a quick and full recovery Stephanie.

Rob said...

Iowaharleygirl- I so much wish you a healthy recovery. We don't know each other but I have read your blog for a while. Be well and let us know how your are doing.

B.B. said...

Steph I'm so sorry to hear about this. I will be praying for your remission. You are a strong woman and you have a great attitude when it comes to life...those two things will get you far! I know I'm far away, but if you need anything let me know, seriously, not just an empty sentiment okay!

Lady R (Di) said...

We missed you! And I know your ready for some good food... so go and tickle those taste buds!

mq01 said...

Stephanie, I'm praying and sending positive thoughts to add to your strength arsenal. I'll ride for you tomorrow...

GYMONR said...

Its amazing how when life is going so good, something like this comes along and slaps you down a little…I think things like this are just reminders that YOU ARE ALIVE!!! Make the best of it, like I know you will…good luck and I’ll be thinking of you.
Your friend
Big Al

Webster World said...

Stephanie. I myself believe in God. I will be praying for you. In fact I just did and will often. You just keep your upbeat postive self. Do like Lady R said get some real food in you. Love yourself , family and freinds. You are on the upside now.

Ann said...

Steph, you are in my thoughts. I am hoping your remission is quick. Please let us know if you need anything at all. Be well my friend.

Janet/Corn Dog said...

Steph, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery! I can't imagine the depth of the emotional and physical journey you must be on - but you are gonna KICK ASS on this and be back in the wind next Spring, I know it! Take care - Janet

Pappy said...

My prayers are on the way Gal!!
There's something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart;
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part.

A hug's a way to share the joy
And sad times we go through,
Or just a way for friends to say
They like you 'cause you're you.

Hugs are meant for anyone
For whom we really care,
From your gran to your neighbor,
Or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing
It's just the perfect way
To show the love we're feeling
But can't find the words to say.

It's funny how a little hug
Makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language,
It's always understood.

And hugs don't need new equipment,
Special batteries or parts
Just open up your arms
And open up your hearts.
xXOo Pappy

FLHX_Dave said...

Faith really works. Positive Attitude with no doubts goes a long way. You know what it is but don't let that take you away from us.

I don't know you all that well but it torments me inside. Your attitude so far makes me more at ease so keep it up. (wow, I was thinking about myself there.) Blaze the sky with your spirit and be certain you will make the best of it. No matter what comes from all this you will be the bright one.

Best wishes. Live every moment. Every bit of prayer, hope and positive thought is yours - Love Dave

Canajun said...

Stephanie - best wishes for a full recovery. Rest, get well, and you'll be back on two wheels next riding season.

redbone said...

my thoughts and prayers are heading down the highway to you.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, it can be beat! When my oldest son was 16 he came down with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and we almost lost him. He survived and is now married and has one son and another child on the way!

Ride on,

"Joker" said...

I am so, so sorry to hear this news, and was pretty floored just trying to process what I was reading. It's just shock. I do agree with what's already been said though, a positive attitude is key and out of any of us I think you've got that and then some. If anyone can kick this thing's ass, it's YOU!

I'm not really religious, so I'll just say all my HOPES are for you to go into remission and stay there. When you do, go out and get that bike you always wanted. Now's the time. I'm sure after this experience, whatever stood in your way before probably doesn't seem so important right now.

Susan and I send our best wishes for your speedy recovery.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thoughts and prayers going out to you from Las Vegas. Hope you get well soon so you can take a few rides before the snow flies.

Allen Madding said...

You are in our prayers. Get plenty of rest and know we'd love you even without hair.


IHG said...

Wow...thanks everyone for all the love! I'm feeling good, I just need my white blood cells to start producing more of each other. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I'm gonna kick this thing but all the love you've given me really helps too!!!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I sure hope things all turn out well for you. Hang in there and be strong!

Hogman said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.I know that you will beat this illness and come out on top.

Kathleen Jennette said...

I going to think and pray nothin' but positive thoughts baby! You will get through this and hope its soon. Get that cell count up and go home and get better for us all.
Love and Hugzzz to you baby!

Liz (Rippin-Kitten) said...

Wow, you have knocked me over with a feather, girl!

I figured something was up when you went offline so suddenly but never fathomed news like this.

I wish you well and like everyone else said, stay strong, stay positive and get well!

the rider said...

Stephanie I was shocked to read this, keep up the positive mental attitude and the faith and I will help you fight this too. Thoughts and prayers are with you big time.

dan said...

My thoughts and prayers are also with you Steph. I know its really scarey but I know you can beat this. The Pickle will be waiting for you in the spring :)Take care, dan

kathy said...

Didn't see this coming when you said you'd not be posting for a while. Sending best wishes for a speedy remission. You'll be back out riding before you know it. Your positive spirit in this is inspiring. Know that your blog community is there for you supporting you with love and lots of healing energy sent your way.

WooleyBugger said...

Dern Stephanie, I had no idea. You are a huge inspiration to a lot of us folks. I admire your thinking and attitude and just know you will beat the crap outta this thing leaving it wishing it never messed with you. You are tough as an iron railroad spike.
You are in my thoughts.

Spooky Lil Girl said...

Just keep doing what you're doing. Keep up the positive thoughts and handle it one day at a time.
It can be beat.
My best riding bud is a 2 time cancer survivor. She beat the odds and the what the drs told her. I think it was her never quit attitude that got her through it.

I went through this with my ex 2 times and I am there for him if time #3 comes around. His getting sick again is one of my biggest fears and his too.


I don´t read your blog since few weeks ago and now i read this, i'm surprised, but now i'm happy 'cause you looks a strong woman and that's very important to be the winner of the play ;-)...


Jay Green said...

Hope you're feeling better Steph. I have faith you'll beat this.

Motor-head Lady said...

Steph...I'm so sorry to hear about the battle you are waging, and believe me, I know it's a battle.

It can be so hard to stay positive when you are being poked with needles and living in a hospital, you lay there and look out the window just watching "life" go on as usual for the rest of the world...but, a positive attitude is the best medicine ever...and prayer.

One of my close friends is fighting leukemia and the day before Thanksgiving day, she got word that a perfect 100% compatible bone marrow match was found for her!

I have added you to my daily prayers, hang in there and draw strength from all of us!

Best wishes to you...your bike is waiting :-)


FIRECAPT707 said...

Glad you've come so far!