Sunday, April 15, 2007

Poor Imus! the guy made a mistake. Hasn't everyone?? I guess the media must have got bored with the death of Anna Nicole and decided to pick on him instead. Yes...what he said was something he shouldn't have but are we even sure that he knew what a Ho was? Or was it more about the Nappy comment? My father in law had no clue and he's around the same age as Imus. I have decided to be done with all media, with the exception of my beloved internet.(giggles) I think I'm going to watch the local news and that's about it. I'm tired of all the stuff that the media tries to influence us with. I think it has poisoned our society.

The thing I don't understand is that both of the companies that fired him...did they even take into consideration the good he did for others in our country. I mean seriously people...he helped kids with cancer and our soldiers coming home from the war. I sure hope even with what has happened to him he continues the good he has done. I have a feeling he will.

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