Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm proud to be an American

Let's face it, since September 11th things have changed in the United States. We view things much differently now, or at least I do. We all need to wake up and realize that one of these days something could happen in our own back yard. The US Government allowed people into our country assuming they would be going to school in Montana. What happened? They split up and were found all around the United States. 3 of these so called students ended up right here in Des Moines, IA. Wake up people!! Do you really think that just because we live in the United States, that suicide bombers couldn't show up on our streets? Why did these men scatter all over the country? And how come the US Government never gives us the straight story? I really doubt these guys were like..."Oh, my life long dream has always been to visit Des Moines, IA." Come on, get real!! Seriously my fellow Americans....WAKE UP and stop being so damn liberal about everything. Stop worrying about who we might offend because when they are walking into the local Starbucks with an explosive device strapped to themselves, it will be far to late.


IHG said...

Ok...kind of freaked myself out. I posted this at 9:11. WILD! I'd be even more freaked out if it was on the 5 yr Anniversary of 9/11.

Gaia said...

It already happened in my backyard. In 1995. In OKC. Unfortunately, the people who did it weren't easily categorized just by looking at them, were they?

Then in 1996 it happened again. In Columbine. Again, those boys weren't easily categorize were they?

It's a cop out to point the finger at immigrants and people "different" from us. Most terroristic acts in the US are homegrown.

IHG said...

OKC - Anti-Government Protestors
Columbine - Two young men who needed better parenting.

I'm not pointing the finger at immigrants currently living in the United States. My point merely is that we need to pay closer attention to the people that we let into our country for reasons other than becoming US Citizens.

And finally, I am a decendant of immigrants so I guess that I'm "different" too.