Sunday, May 07, 2006

Melinda & Candace

I had the most enjoyable night last Wednesday. My friend Melinda and I went out for dinner at the Court Ave Brewing Co. and then went to the Civic Center to hear Candace Bushnell speak. Melinda is a great woman and someone I really look up to and Candace Bushnell wrote my favorite HBO Series of all time, Sex and the City. It was a wonderful night. What cracked me up the most though was the amount of people that must have been offended about what Ms. Bushnell was talking about, because they got up and left the speech. I think it's a great idea to either go to something like that with an open mind or to do a little studying up on the speaker you are going to listen to. She wasn't even that raunchy but I keep forgetting we are in conservative middle America. Plus if you have never seen the Series Sex and the City you really wouldn't know what she was talking about 1/2 the time so why waste your time. ha! She said one thing that the character Carrie Bradshaw said in the Series....You really need to take good care of your relationships with your girlfriends because they are people you can almost always count on but men in your life will come and go. It's too bad that you don't learn that when you are a teenage girl and boy crazy. I don't know how many times I brushed my friends aside for some stupid boy who dumped me a few weeks later. I would go crawling back to my friends who I'd abandoned, they'd take me back but after a few more times of doing this they kind of wrote me off. I don't blame them one bit though. I think I have the best friends that I've ever had at this point in my life. My friend Michelle from work is a great friend and I cherish my friendships with the gals in Art Group. Anyway...back to Candace Bushnell, I really enjoyed her talk. It was great to see her and hear what she was really like. She's definitely a New Yorker. The best part of the night though was the fact that Melinda shared her extra ticket with me and that we had a really nice conversation at dinner.

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