Friday, April 07, 2006

From Crash to Romantic

I watched the movie Crash the other night. Amazing film about racism in the United States. If it wasn't for the brief nudity I think it should actually be shown to junior high or high school students. And so what about the brief nudity...have you seen the music videos lately. Just show it. There is such a strong message in the film and it was incredible how so many of the characters lives crossed paths. You never know when your enemy may be the one that saves you, so you should treat everyone you meet with respect. If you haven't watched this movie, even if you are the most racist person on the planet, it's a must see! RENT IT and open your mind!

On a much lighter more romantic note. I wasn't trying to be a voyeur the other night but I was standing out on my deck and saw the most romantic sight. There is a woman who lives in the townhome across from mine and she must have had a date because I think she's a single woman. Anyway, her and her date were dancing in her living room and you could see it through her window. It was so cute and so romantic that it brought tears to my eyes. It brought hope to me that romance hasn't died. :)

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Anonymous said...

dont give up...your right romance isnt dead ........but it is a lost art. seems like the world is movin so fast with carears,kids,and just the fast pace life demands to get ahead people forget about the important things in life...........amazing how far a wink and a smile will go........