Saturday, May 03, 2008

Is this Heaven? No it's Dyersville...

Actually when you drive/ride along the country roads on your way to Dyersville you feel like you are in heaven. I'm blogging tonight in Dyersville, IA at my sister and brother in law's house. I made the trip up to visit because I was missing my new niece and it's also my sister's birthday on Monday.(Happy Cinco de Margo!) It's pretty wild that a year ago her and I were partying and this weekend I watched my niece while her and Tim went on a date! Sydney and I had fun and she loved the song I made up for her to keep her from crying.

So what's up with this weather? It's been cold and rainy and less then desirable for long motorcycle trips. I actually believe it's been like this for many motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the USA. They actually had a blizzard in North Dakota. Everyone might need their parkas this year when they travel to Sturgis.

So I was mentioned on a Honda Blog as being one of the author's 100 Favorite Motorcycle blogs! I'm truly honored. Even if you are a Harley Lover check out this site . We need to all stick together no matter what type of bike we decide to ride. We all have the same passion for 2 wheels and the wind in our hair and the feeling that it gives us each time we set out on the next journey. I was watching a motorcycle show one afternoon on the Speed channel and they were showing these sport bike trick riders and then they would talk to the people in the crowd to get their comments. There was this ODB who only road Harleys but who said that we all enjoy the same thing and should embrace each other and accept each other even if we don't ride the same bikes. It warmed my heart.

Final note for the evening...I guess since I stopped following the life of Billy Lane I had no idea that the Choppers Inc shop in Melbourne closed. I just read it on a new blog I discovered. You can read more about Billy and what's going on with his life if you are interested. It's really too bad that a guy that had it all, lost it all because of something so stupid.

Well it's 11:30 0n a Saturday night and this chicks tired! Kinda sad huh? LOL



Anonymous said...

It's sunny and 81 here in Memphis,Tn. today. Sure hopes it warms up soon.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Weather was crappy here on Saturday too. There was a bike show that I had to bartend at but it was raining and about 45 all day. Needless to say, there weren't many people for me to serve beer to.

"Joker" said...

You and Dean sound like you're having the same luck with the weather as me! It must be a nation-wide refusal to let the winter go away. Needless to say, it made my Saturday ride a little tough. If you want, you can read about it here:

Is it alright with you if I link to your blog?

Ride Safe...


Ronman said...

Congrats on the Mention pretty lady. Dyersville sounds as if I need to put it on my to do list.