Sunday, April 13, 2008

What makes a great visit to the Harley Dealer?

As everyone is aware, that is into Harley Davidson Motorcycles, they are not cheap machines. Even a Sportster can run you around 10k and if you think about it that's a chunk of change to lie down for a bike when you could probably buy a Honda for 1/2 the price. Since you are paying a premium to live the dream, one wants an enjoyable and memorable experience when you finally decide to join the Harley family. The experience shouldn't just end once you've bought the bike. That experience should carry on for as long as you can ride your beautiful dream machine. As I've traveled this great country, I love to stop in Harley Dealerships and check them out. It's fun to see what's out there and if other dealerships are more rockin' then the one in your home town. I'm a huge fan of Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson in Littleton, Co. Here is enter the dealership and there is someone there saying hello and welcoming you. It's always a great feeling to feel welcome and they always have made me feel that way. As you make your way throughout the dealership the staff is there to help you and to just carry on fun conversations. They make you feel at home, like they truly are happy to see you and they make you feel like you want to return each and every time you make it to Littleton. And I always do. Customer Service and just a great amount of Respect toward the Harley customer is important.

Recently I stopped into Metro Harley Davidson in Cedar Rapids, IA and Hawkeye Harley Davidson in Coralville, IA. The staff at Hawkeye definitely out shined the staff at Metro. I'm not going to rip on Metro but I think a customer service course of some sort is needed at that store or maybe hiring people that have a true passion for motorcycles. Our dealership here in Des Moines is Big Barn Harley Davidson. Last year the dealership had an ownership change and what a difference that made. You can just tell it when you walk in the place. And I think Keith and the rest of the ownership/management staff are turning their dealership into a great experience. I'm excited to see what they have in store this year. Last year there were bike-in movie nights and a bike night with a band and a beer garden. There is just so much opportunity to build a strong motorcycle community even if you don't belong to the HOG and I think that Keith and his crew know this. Another really great dealership in Iowa is Silver Eagle HD in Waterloo. Even though they are not my home dealership they send me a Christmas card each and every year! And I stop there every time I'm home(I grew up in Cedar Falls/Waterloo) just because it's a friendly place to visit.

I'd love to know what your favorite dealerships throughout the US are...even if they aren't Harley Dealerships and what makes a good dealership to you. You can either leave a comment on the blog or e-mail me at If I receive enough replies I'll list them in a future post.

I guess I just feel that since I'm supporting the Harley name by buying Harley merchandise and riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle I deserve an amazing top notch experience each and every time I walk into a dealership. I don't expect confetti or a balloon drop but I expect a greeting and a smile.

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RazorsEdge2112 said...

One thing I like about Harley dealerships, here in Vegas anyway, is how the sales people are friendly but leave me alone. I walked into one a few weeks ago to look at a Buell Blast. A sales person came up, asked me how I was doing and what I was looking for. I answered, "Fine. I am just looking around for a second bike, maybe a used Blast or something like it. Not looking to buy today, maybe mid summer or so."

He showed me their only used Blast, shook my hand, gave me his card, thanked me and went away. Something similar happened to me at a different local dealership when I went to look at a Sportster. Very nice, no pressure, very helpful and informed sales people.

Compare that with the dealership where I bought my current bike. I ride in there once to buy a new face shield and a sales person tried to sell me a new helmet. Another time, went there to buy some oil and chain lube, they tried to sell me other things that I didn't want. Another time, in there just looking at bikes and two or three sales people tried to get me to look at bikes I didn't want. One even wanted me to apply for a loan for a bike I was sitting on (A Vulcan, I think)

At a local Yamaha dealership, the salespeople are almost non-existant. They don't seem to be interested unless I am ready to buy.

So, that's what I think makes a good dealership.

"Joker" said...

Greetings IHG. Found ya through Clutch n' Chrome. Nice blog you've got here; some of your favorite blogs are also some of mine. Love the tunes - we're definitely from the same generation.

I hear you about the dealerships; it's all about customer service, or lack thereof. There are only two near me, Monty's in W. Bridgewater, Mass. and Precision H-D in Pawtucket, RI. Precision is the sponsoring dealer of my HOG Chapter.

I'll admit to you I prefer Monty's (Shhhh!) over Precision. There are a few reasons. Monty's is a little closer to me for one, and it's sort of a small, family run place that's been there forever. I'm not going to tell you the other just yet; you don't know me and I don't want you to label me a sexist pig out of the gate.

Anyway, cool to meet ya and I also do a blog. Check me out if you'd like and let me know if it's alright to link.

Ride Safe...


mrs road captain said...

My hubby and I just started touring last year. We have started to run into many different HD dealerships. Cox's Northern Tier in Mansfield, PA is an awesome place! You can read all about it in this post about our trip there:
It wasn't just the dealership, but the HOG chapter they sponsor too! Everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was awesome!

Haven't been there yet, but we are planning a trip to West Virginia in July. The New River Gorge HD dealer has promised to host a barbeque for us when we arrive! We'll see how that turns out, I'll keep ya posted.

This month we'll be travelling (along with our new friends from the Mansfield HOG chapter) to DuBois HD...which is apparently set up like an old town, with the bikes for sale "parked" along main street, and the MotorClothes department set up in the "general store". The different depts are store fronts through the town. Sounds cool. Can't wait.

Road Captain said...

Harley Davidson dealerships are spread out all over the country so that there is practically a dealership every 100 miles. They make the perfect butt breaks during trips. Bikers are welcome at a Harley Dealership, they have good parking for alot of bikes and clean bathrooms. I reccomend anyone planning motorcycle trips use the dealerships as home base or pit stops.