Sunday, May 04, 2008

Screw it, Let's Ride!

Don't you just love Harley's new slogan?? Screw it, Let's Ride! My feelings exactly. If life is getting you down because of the war, the housing market, the cost of gas prices...just hop on your scoot and go for a spin. The wind will blow all of those worries out of your head for a few hours! It's great therapy and the good thing is, you are outside enjoying life!

Screw it, Let's Ride! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Have a good one!



Dean "D-Day" said...

Screw it and I rode today!! Beautiful sunny and 65 degrees.
I had some major therapy today. Left at 9:00 this morning and didn't come home til 5:00.
Screw it, let's ride!

"Joker" said...

The Motor Company has an uncanny talent for continuing to come up with cool shit for us to join in on. Not one to miss the opportunity to sound off, my rally cry is posted under Massachusetts.

Ride Safe...

KT Did said...

I posted a "Screw it..." post too without seeing yours! Just makes sense we love to ride and the decisions of the day have no meaning until we ride and clear our heads amongst the wind and elements! Riding is what we love and is what we love to write about. My rally cry is posted under "KT Did"...go figure!:)

mrs road captain said...

Makes perfect sense why you never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist's office!