Saturday, May 24, 2008

The DAM Rally - Monroe City, Missouri

Even with gas prices the way that they are you should take a trip to Monroe City, Missouri for The DAM Rally going on June 20, 21, & 22. This rally is put on by the American Biker Charities organization. Visit The DAM Rally site for more information:

While you are surfing around out there check out the American Biker Charities site too.

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hdbiker3 said...

Went there last year & had a great time. I recently spoke to the rall coordinator and in 2009, they have even more planned for the bikers. They are working on 1 or 2 national music artist and will have the shovel ride drag races. Also I was told that this year they will have a Slip n Slide with a sign at the top that says, "What happens at the bottom, stays at the bottom". As if that wasn't enough I was told this year they are having a Bikini/Leatherwear Photo Shoot and the 14 finalist will have a total of 8 photos- 1 going into the 14 month calendar and the other on the rally website monthly. I now beleive more then ever that this party is truely heating up. I guarantee I won't miss this good time with the great people that I met there in 2008. By the way the countryside up there is really awesome. All I can say is if you miss this one, it's your own "DAM" fault.