Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twisted Choppers - Pure American Metal

Back in February at the Capital City Customs Swap Meet and Bike Show I happened upon Twisted Choppers. As I said in a previous post I was drawn to the bike that they call Mudshovel. I wanted to know more about these guys from Sioux Falls, SD and wanted to share their story and work with my loyal readers, so I contacted them.

Twisted Choppers is located in southwest Sioux Falls, SD and has 5 crew members: Jason Kangas, Kai Morrison, Joe Skinner, Dustin Olson, and Chad Lemme. Jason and Kai have been chopping for about 10 yrs. The guys grew up riding dirt bikes and admiring old hot rods. After high school they got their first bikes and began rebuilding them in their parent's garages. The parts that they would try to use never seemed to fit so they began making their own. Those parts turned into a portion of the business that they have today and it is also the main source of their income. If you need a frame, fenders, fuel tank, or various accessories, most likely Twisted Choppers will have what you need.

Jason Kangas

Kai Morrison

You may have seen the guys of Twisted Choppers on the Discovery and Speed Channels. They've been in a Michael Lichter documentary, on V Twin TV, and the Travel Channel. Their work has also been featured in several motorcycle publications in the US, Europe, and Japan. They thought it was a rush to see their work in Easyriders, Chopper Build, 100% Biker, Biker, and The Horse, to name just a few of the many they have been in. Mr. X Games, Shawn Palmer, even bought one of their bikes a few years back.

Rat style bikes are among their favorites. "The sole purpose of the bike is to have fun and ride the hell out of it. It's nice not having to worry about fancy paint jobs and a lot of chrome. Polishing and cleaning takes time away from riding." says Kai.


Rat Chopper

Insane Pan

The guys at Twisted Choppers don't have any one builder that they admire or get inspiration from. They are into various styles and seeing new stuff really helps them get their creative juices flowing for the next chopper idea and build. Other builders have stopped into their Sioux Falls shop to help out and Kai has helped in other shops while on vacations, including a shop in Puerto Rico. These guys are so devoted to what they do that finding time for those vacations doesn't come often. They do get to ride in what they believe is the best place to ride in the United States, the Black Hills.

In the next year they will be displaying in various shows and if you make it to Sturgis 2008 you will find them at the Full Throttle Saloon. Make sure you look for them there. You will not be disappointed. They have some wicked rides and they are a really down to earth group of guys. Twisted Choppers strives to be different or unique and they provide high quality American made parts at affordable prices.

I would like to thank the guys at Twisted Choppers for taking the time to answer my questions for this story. Make sure you check out their website.

All pictures were taken from the Twisted Choppers website.


Ronman said...

I agree with Kai. Ride it don't rub it. I'm digging that mudshovel too. Great post as always pretty miss Stephanie.


Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm familiar with Jason's work. Great bikes.

I also agree with Kai. Chrome doesn't get you home.