Monday, May 05, 2008

Cages(Cars, Trucks, anything on 4 wheels) LOOK FOR US!!! is my sister's birthday so Margo, Sydney, and I went to Groovy Grounds, downtown Dyersville, for lunch. Sydney was an excellent little peanut and it was a very enjoyable lunch for the 3 of us. Margo decided she needed to go to Fareway for a few groceries. After our trip to the grocery store we were waiting at the stop sign for traffic to clear so that we could turn right. I had said to Margo that there was a motorcycle coming down the road so she should wait. We sat at the stop sign waiting for the motorcycle and the other cars to pass. Well obviously the person that was across the street waiting did not see the motorcycle and pulled out in front of him. My sister and I were both yelling Oh My God...Oh My God because we knew what was going to happen next. The motorcycle, which ended up actually being a Honda Scooter, hit the front quarter panel of the car that pulled in its path. In all this time of being a motorcycle enthusiast I have never seen an accident actually occur between a car and a motorcycle. Thank goodness there were other people there to help out. I was very shaken but tried to help this other woman calm the man, that was obviously very hurt. I pray he will be OK because he was not wearing a helmet and there was obvious trauma to his head. I'm hoping it looked worse then what it really is.

It's so important, that as motorcycle riders, we try to get the word out about cages looking for us and our fellow riders. The person that caused this accident stated that they did not see the motor scooter, that they were looking for cars. People do not see us. People do not take the time to look for us if they are not one of us.

I have no idea who this gentleman was that was hurt today but he will be in my prayers for sure. I don't wear my helmet a lot of the time but today really changed my mind. Wow...I'm still shaking. I sure hope he is OK.

Have a great week and if you are out riding, watch for them damn cages!!!!



Dean "D-Day" said...

Last summer I was the first on the scene of an auto/motorcycle accident down the street from my house. So unfortunately, I got to see the worst of it. It really does shake you up. The man (my friend's brother) died at the scene and his wife a few days later. I went on a crusade and got the speed limit lowered and this summer they're reconstructing the corner to put in a round-about to control traffic better.
I also recently found out that Wisconsin's ABATE has yard signs that you can buy warning drivers to "look twice" and be careful for motorcycles. So I bought one ($5.00) and put it on my corner. The signs are nice but ultimately it's up to us look out for each other and ourselves.

-Connie said...

Having almost been in an accident myself... unfortunately some cagers are just a-holes!! My hubby put on his blinker to change lanes, and we both had the proper hand signal up. The guy in the lane we were changing to tried to *speed up* so we coudn't get in front of him! We sped up and still made the lane without being hit (in the situation we were in we didn't have time to slow down to get behind him. damn city traffic), but I still remember looking down at my left side and seeing bumper!

Ya know... now that I think about it, I don't remember hearing much about looking for motorcyclists in Driver's Education. Curious isn't it?

Lady Ridesalot said...

It's amazing at how invisible bikers become once your rolling down the street! I can't believe how many times people say they don't see us. I wish our State's Highway Dept. would emphasize the importance of motorcycle awareness when you take Driver's Ed. It could prove to be helpful. At least you were there to help out. Way to go! Ride Safe. Lady R

"Joker" said...

Great post; this topic never gets old. It was wonderful of you to stop to help.

I broke a few ribs, my right leg, and almost lost my right foot last September because someone "didn't see me." To boot, she was an illegal alien, and had no driver's license!

All it takes is one time. I was wearing a helmet by the way, and you know what's funny as hell, it didn't get so much as a scratch on it. I'll still wear one anyway.

I took something positive away though. Now, I always slow down and cover my brakes and horn when I'm anywhere a car can either pull out or make a turn in front of me. I've also found myself stopping and waving cars on more often. Never be in a hurry on a bike, and never assume anything.

Take it from one who's chewed some asphalt!

KT Did said...

I don't wear cloaks... I am not invisible. That's what it is. Ughghghghg... how awful for you to now think of that witnessing that dreadful event! I hope and pray the rider is okay. You need to be too. May is Motorcycle Safety Month here in California. Not sure if it is where you are. I hope drivers of cages see the PSA's and redeem themselves in properly driving their vehicles.

B.B. said...

I was just talking to Dave about this the other day. I really think that they need to cover this issue more in drivers training. I have to admit, that until I started riding with Dave, I never really paid attention to motorcycles. Some people, like the driver Connie mentioned, are just plain jackasses, but there are a lot of people who just don't really know what to watch out for. Now whenever I'm in the car I am so much more careful. Also, I have to say that I'm glad we have to wear helmets here in Cali., that way I don't have a choice in the matter, and neither do my friends, who most I know wouldn't wear one if not for the law.

mrs road captain said...

As soon as I finished the BRC, one of the first things I said was that this info should be included in regular driver's ed classes!

I have heard many a cager complain about motorcyclists...and a lot of what they say shows that they have no idea how a motorcycle must be operated safely. They complain about a bike "weaving" from one side of a lane to another, and why do "they" have to pull up behind me at a traffic light all of the way over to one side? (Yeah, like these things are really annoying to a cager!--whatever....) But it just goes to show that they have no idea that we need to constantly adjust our position in a lane for safety, that the same pot hole they coplain about because it makes them spill their coffee could throw us completely off our bikes, and the oil slick that their mechanically unkept car leaves down the center of the lane is incredibly dangerous to us too!

It just reminds me of the saying "Dear Lord, please give me the strength to keep my big mouth shut until I know what I am talking about!" Maybe if they knew what they were talking about, then we could more peacefully coexist on the roads.