Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green with Envy!!!

I had to go to an appointment across town. Being in Des Moines we get to use lovely Interstate 80. Well...on my way back I counted probably 50 bikes headed east to Milwaukee. I was dying! They would ride by and I'd say...TAKE ME WITH YOU!! I almost avoided 80 all together tonight on the drive home. Thank God I didn't see any packs of bikes. It's torture I tell you...pure torture! Thank God I haven't found a 105th Milwaukee Web cam site yet. I'd be all pathetic refreshing the damn thing watching all the lucky people there.

Ok...I'm alright! Have a great night everyone!!!


Road Captain said...

I'm sure those people aren't going to have any fun at all. Look at how lucky we are! We get to stay home and read each others blogs! There is nothing I would rather do. All those people heading out to the 105th are going to miss some great posts. This Kermit picture is an excelent example... it's awesome.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

You are green with envy, and I am just blue that I can't be there either.

Love the Kermit de Frog!

Yeah, just like Road Captain, I'm blogging instead of journying to Milwaulkee!

And someone else is reading this comment right now, yeah, you know who you are!

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Thanks for making me laugh guys! I needed that! :)

Dean "D-Day" said...

Yeah, you guys are probably right.

Joker and I probably won't have any fun this weekend.


Lady Ridesalot said...

I have to admit, the green bug bit me too. I got an email yesterday from H-D giving me three bloggers who are journaling their way to Milwaukee. I'll try to post the link on my blog. One guy lives in Milwaukee,and they flew him to California so he can begin his trip from Salinas, CA. Sound familiar? I wonder if Dave and B.B. saw him.

I can't wait to hear of Dean and Joker's introduction to one another. How do you meet someone for the first time, that you already know? Huh?

Mr. Motorcycle said...

The answer to Lady R's question.

With a hug or a handshake!

(unless they are really creepy, smell funny, show up naked, or are a porcupine.)

B.B. said...

Well, with Joker, you never know...he may just show up naked.

And yes we did see Ken at the kick-off, but I didn't really know all the details, but it's pretty exciting to see our city on Harley's website! Wish it was me going!

Ann said...

I'm totally green with envy, too!

I hope Dean and Joker have a great time. I just wish I were there, too! :(

Kermit's got a sweet chopper! :)

"Joker" said...

Just for the record, I showed up fully clothed! (yes, I had underpants on too)

Joker was au naturale at times during the trip too...but you've got to remember that what happens on the road...stays on the road.