Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 5 Taking the Spearfish Scenic Byway...Beautiful

Wednesday morning came and it was time to ride again. We had decided the day before that we were going to do the Spearfish Scenic Byway. We rode west to Sturgis and took the exit toward Deadwood. First stop...Zippy P needed a little breakfast so Dan motored her in and filled her up. Motorcycles definitely out numbered cars at the pumps.

Entering Deadwood

This was one trip that I totally stopped doing the wave on...I would have been waving about every 30 seconds. :)

It was a little chilly that morning. I was glad I had my coat.

The Spearfish Scenic Byway is a beautiful ride. It's really difficult to show it with pictures. You really need to experience it yourself.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Yes, it is a beautiful ride. Glad to see it hasn't changed much since I was there.

Ann said...

Looks like a gorgeous ride! Love the pics. Have I told you I'm so jealous? Well, I am! But I'm happy you went and that you're sharing the journey with us!


"Joker" said...

I wonder if that's the same road as in the youtube video of a deer jumping a dude's bike on the road out in Sturgis. Sure does look like it. Have you seen that btw?

Check it out:

See the guy duck his head! Lol! I'd have shit my pants!

harley motorcycle parts said...

beautiful ride indeed.