Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 3 Sturgis Continued...

After we had blazed around South Dakota a little we headed back into Sturgis. We figured we better get back into town early because Monday night was the night that Kiss played at Glencoe. Traffic was insane getting into town so being the smarties that we are we turned off on a side street and headed over to downtown. I was seriously excited because tonight was the night we were headed to the Broken Spoke to listen to and watch the Jasmine Cain Band! We walked around downtown a little because JCB didn't perform until 8 pm. Here are some more photos of the day.

We head on over to the Broken Spoke so that we could find a table up close.

Jasmine Cain and her band took the stage around 8 pm. Jasmine was wearing a bra, tiny panties, stockings, and a long black coat. She looked HOT! She's so tiny but her voice is a powerhouse. Her and her band rocked. If you make it to Sturgis next year you have to go and see this band. I wish she would have played more of her original songs because they are amazing but I understand that she has to keep the crowd entertained with cover songs too. Not everyone there knew who she was like obsessed fan IHG. LOL!

After the show was over there was a Miller Lite Girl contest. Thanks to Dan we have pictures of that event. LOL!

While the Miller Lite girl contest was going on I spent some time talking to Jasmine. I thanked her for doing the interview and told her how much I loved hearing her play. I didn't realize until later in the evening that Dan had bought me the new CD Locks and Keys and had it autographed. Too Cool! Next up that night were the Kentucky Headhunters. Remember the song "Feed Jake"? So we are hanging out waiting for them to set up the stage for the KHH show and I look over and OMG it's Sasha Mullins. Sasha has the blog Down the Road a Peace...she's been in a Discovery Channel Documentary about Women Riders...She is a singer/songwriter...and she wrote the book Biker Lady Living and Riding Free. She also has a new book coming out the middle of August. I head over right away to say hi. I remember saying to her...Hi Sasha I'm IowaHarleyGirl...I'm the chick that posts comments on your blog all the time. She totally knew who I was which was so awesome. She gave me a big hug and we talked for quite some time. She hadn't decided until the last minute to travel to Sturgis but Jasmine talked her into it, so they loaded up Tiger Lily...her Sporty...and headed to Sturgis from Tennessee. D-Day...I hope you get to meet her in Milwaukee! She totally rocks and is sooooooooo genuinely nice.

Finally about 10:30 or so the Kentucky Headhunters hit the stage. They were great...I have a story about them later that was kinda cool. :)

About 12:30 or so we decide that it was time to head back to Rapid City and hit the sack. It was probably good we were leaving because I think I was going to be going on my 5th beer...I'm not used to drinking like

I need a writing break but keep checking back...there is more to come...


"Joker" said...

Awesome you got to meet Jasmine and Sasha - I know how big a fan you are. Love the pics of all the babes - thanx!

Hey if I meet Sasha in Milwaukee, can I tell her I know you? LOL!

You were going on 5 beers huh? That would have been just getting started for me. Maybe I do have a drinking problem!

Ann said...

Only 5 beers?? You need to come out to AZ...5 beers is a warm-up act! :)

Glad you got to meet Jasmine...and a fellow cool is that?

Just by reading your posts, I can tell how exciting this was for you. I'm really glad you got to go!

Dean "D-Day" said...

If Sasha shows her pretty little face in Milwaukee, I'll track her down. Glad you got to meet her.

Mimi said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing Jasmine Cain, Sasha and Sturgis with us! I'm a fan of all 3!

B.B. said...

Hi Stephanie, just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying all of your Sturgis posts, I just haven't comment on all of them, cuz it would be the same comment every time..."Amazing." :) It sounds like a great experience. Looking forward to reading the rest!

Veronnica said...

Iowa Harley girl... sweet! I just got back from Iowa and visited Hawkeye Harley for Ann (we and I daydreamed a little too!)! Great pics!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Awesome post IHG! I'm so jealous! It looks like your having a great time. My two brothers are there too, have you seen them? LOL!

BTW...Do I need to come back to Iowa and teach you how to drink beer? 5? You better pace yourself! LOL! Just kidding. Have fun, that's all that matters!