Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Look into the Life of IHG - One or Two Questions at a Time

How do you feel when you are riding?
At first I'm really excited.  Right before getting on the road I get nervous.  Once I start rolling and get the 5 Hail Marys said, I'm as good as gold.  I usually catch myself smiling and I think to myself how cool it is to be riding my own motorcycle.  As the ride progresses I am amazed at how I feel one with the world.  Only a dog or another biker would understand.  It's an incredible feeling that everyone should experience at least once. 

Is there a motto that you live by?
Get to know someone before you decide what kind of person they are.  The reason I say this is because there is a person I worked for that judged me because I was a "Harley Chick".  She had everyone believing I was this hard, mean person.  I always wondered why some people were stand-offish to me.  One day someone said to me that another woman in my area commented to her..."Wow, Stephanie is nothing like "Blah Blah" made her out to be.  She's a very friendly and kind person."  Treat everyone with the respect that you expect and you'll make it far in life!


B.B. said...

Wow, it's so hard for me to imagine anyone thinking that YOU are anything other than kind. I know I haven't been fortunate enough to meet you in person (YET), but you seem like one of the nicest people!

Lady R (Di) said...

That's laughable! YOU... unkind??? In the words of our mutual friend Dave... Pfffffttttt!!

Unlike B.B., I did have the pleasure of meeting you and whoever said those words must have been snorting chemicals. Maybe they were jealous. That's usually what motivates talk like that. So... we'll just kick that one to the curb!

I'm so glad your having fun with Sadie! I wish I was riding up to Iowa this year. We would definitely have a good ride together! I know we keep saying it, but... One of these days!! lol!

BTW... I think it's funny you say 5 Hail Mary's before you ride. I say a personal prayer plus the Lord's Prayer, plus... I always carry a cross in my pocket, a St. Mary's medal (my aunt gave me) and a dime. The dime has a significant personal meaning, but they are my protectors.

I feel much better knowing God is riding in my pillion seat.

Ride on Harley Girl!

Love you friend...
Lady R

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Perception is an evil word that people use to judge others they don’t know. Maybe fear, maybe jealousy, maybe a lack of knowledge, or maybe just plain stupidity is the cause, but they need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves or they end up looking like a fool.

John Evans said...

Actually, one look at the blogs by women who bike would dispel that stereotype.