Thursday, July 26, 2012

Billy Lane's Air Force Bike Build

Billy Lane built an amazing Air Force Tribute Bike that was unveiled at Rolling Thunder this year. It's great to see he hasn't lost his passion for building works of art!   


Gypsy Hu$tler said...

I LOVE Billy Lane-WE ALL have made "mistakes" in our lives- I've been a resident at the "Grey Bar-Hotel myself... My prayers are with all those involved. Nothing can change those few seconds or erase what happened..Just remember that we, all, as humans fall- the STRONG RISE & MARCH ON

Pat Savage said...

Agree with Gypsy. Billy is a good man who will be back stronger and wiser. I too spent some years behind bars & look how I turned out! Love your posts girl xo

IHG said...

I've followed Billy Lane's career from the start. I even stalked him out during a Sturgis Bike Rally. The events that lead Billy to prison were unfortunate but I never for one second judged him because honestly, and I hate to admit it, the same thing could have happened to me. The same thing could have happened to anyone that has gotten behind the wheel of a car while they were intoxicated. From the couple of times I met Billy Lane, who at the time was living the dream, you can really tell he's been humbled just by listening to him speak. He was living fast and free and some weird karma decided Billy needed to slow down and take an inner look at where he was heading. I do agree that Billy will come back better then ever. He's an amazing artist and creator of beautiful rides. He also brought so much to the motorcycle community and I sure hope we see that again!