Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cycle Source Indian Larry Commemorative Issue

On August 30, 2004 the world lost an innovator of custom motorcycles. January of this year, Cycle Source Magazine released a commemorative issue dedicated to Indian Larry. If you haven't bought a copy of this you need to find one. If you are an Indian Larry fan like I am this will make you miss him all the more. Below is a video that I found featuring some of the people from Larry's life that helped Cycle Source with the content of the magazine.

Indian Larry, a motorcycle ICON that left us way too soon!


"Joker" said...

I'll always have a little secret envy for guys like Indian Larry. As much as I love motorcycles, I'm strictly a rider. I don't have a creative or artistic bone in my body, I'm sorry to say. You give me the right tools and tell me what goes where, I can put a bike together. Put me in charge of design, and it probably wouldn't be anything anybody would want to buy. I just don't have "it." Indian Larry did, and when you lose a guy like that, a little part of all of us dies with him. We may all not be able to create or envision what Indian Larry did, but I'd say just about all of us enjoyed seeing what he created and made unique to motorcycles and their history. A few of the luckier ones got to ride and own them.

Nice post...I'll have to look for that magazine!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

His shit was beautiful. I miss him.

dan said...

Great video Steph. Proud that I met Larry in Sturgis just a couple weeks before he was killed. Got a great picture of us. He was just a regular guy.

Cycle Source Magazine said...

Just wanted to thank you for the good words. Doing this issue was the greatest honor in the whole 14 years of publishing Cycle Source.

Chris Callen - Cycle Source Editor