Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road Trips and Guitar Picks - Wide Open with Jason Aldean

Wednesday night Dan and I jumped in the Caddy and pointed it toward Ames. Our destination was Hilton Coliseum for an amazing evening with one of my favorite country singers, Jason Aldean. When Jason came onto the country scene a few years back with the song Hicktown, I was instantly into his music. He was someone I always wanted to see perform live. Well as luck would have it Jay Verner from Country Financial was cruising blogs one day and ran across mine. I opened my e-mail one day and saw this e-mail with the subject line Road Trips and Guitar Picks. I get lots of e-mails from people asking for this and that and offering this and the other thing, so I don't always open e-mails, they usually get deleted. I'm so glad that I opened this one. Jay asked if I'd be interested in attending Jason's March 10th show in Ames. I was instantly excited. I e-mailed him back and asked if this was for real and he responded back that it was. Well I took the bait and said of course I wanted to see Jason Aldean and what sweetened the pot was the fact that I would be going backstage to meet him too! Holy WOW! So all this explains the blog posts I made about Jason Aldean and the videos I posted. It was part of the deal and I certainly was more then happy to promote Jason, Country Financial, and the Road Trips and Guitar Picks site.

So back to heading to Ames. We get there and stand in line at Will Call. I started talking to this guy in front of me, Dan Woessner, and he ended up being an agency manager at Country Financial. He introduced Dan and me to all of the other Country Financial people in the group and weird enough they had all heard of the blogger, IowaHarleyGirl. Thanks to Dan and the other Country Financial team members for letting us tag along with them to get into the venue. Once we were inside I met Jay, who had e-mailed and invited me to the event. He was introducing me to people and they too had all heard of this blogger, Harley Girl. I was beaming, for sure!

The backstage experience was great. They had food and drinks. The room was all decorated for the event with Jason's Billboards. I autographed a sign that is going all over the US with the concert which I thought was pretty cool. Finally we all lined up to meet Jason and have our photo taken with him. I do have to say he is one good looking young man. WOW! I was star struck and all I remember was saying to him, I can't believe I'm actually meeting you...I can't believe I'm actually standing here beside you. After the photos, Jason and two members of his band sang an acoustic version of Big Green Tractor. Then he answered questions. He's a cool guy. Wish I had photos but they weren't allowed. It was very intimate though. An experience I will never forget.

After the meet and greet Dan and I headed upstairs to our seats. They were awesome. Luke Bryan opened the show. He was really really good! I knew a couple of his songs and he swayed me over to being a fan. There was a quick set change and then there he was, Jason Aldean! The boy can rock in a country sorta way!! I always love it when the artist you are seeing loves up the crowd and he really did. His band is amazing too. I couldn't stop dancing once he hit the stage. And he made my knees weak when he said "yeah momma" in the song Johnny Cash! His songs really have that down home twangy country feel that I love. It was a great concert!

I can't thank Country Financial enough for this amazing experience. Thank you so much for finding my blog and asking me to promote this event. I had a blast! This was something I really needed after my whole experience last year. It really made me appreciate what was going on all the more! Thanks to Jason Aldean for taking the time to meet us and share an intimate moment with us. I think it would take a lot to do something like that. We all think we know a star because we've read about them and know things about them but they are coming into the venue not knowing a single thing about any of us. I'm sure it's as surreal for them as it is for us. Anyway...getting a little too deep on this post. :)

If you have a chance to see Jason Aldean or Jewel on the Road Trips and Guitar Picks it! It's an experience you will love!!!!


Shanna D. said...

I saw Jason in Austin on Jan. 28th yummy!! I also go to meet him and converted from a 32 year old mother of 2 and wife of 10 years, to a 14 year old teenie bopper that about peed her pants when he put his arm around me to take the picture!! So I can completely understand the OMG...I can't beleive I'm meeting him!! I also became a fan when 'Hicktown' came out and have followed his music throughout his career and have influenced my son into LOVING him also! When I saw him in Jan. I was invited my a girlfriend of mine that won the tix & meet & greet with him and my son was so angry with me because he wanted to go also. So I'm really wanting to win a trip to another one of his concerts & have my son go along with me and meet him as well. Love your blog!

dan said...

Hey Steph, haven't had a chance to see Jason but if I get the chance I will go. Sounds like you had a really great time. Glad things are going well for you. Just think, its time to get the bike out. All snow is gone here, hope yours is too. Take care, dan

Dean "D-Day" said...

That is too cool Steph!
Between being picked to go to backstage events and being recognized at bike shows, you're becoming quite the celeb!

KT Did said...

Its great when musicians honor their fans... even better when you are one! Looks like you had a full evening of fun!

Ken said...

You know what they say ... be careful what you wish (or pray) for .... Glad you had a memorable experience and I enjoyed reading about it! I like country music, including many of Jason's songs, especially "The Truth".

"Joker" said...

Wow...this is pretty cool. You must've been thrilled!! Yes, IHG is becoming quite the celebrity. You've come a long way since I found your blog almost 3 years ago!

Oh, and I didn't know you guys had a Caddy! Now you just have to get you a bike!