Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Anticipation - Sturgis 69

My biker chick heart beats with anticipation weeks before it's time to leave for Sturgis. I love being around all of the bikes and bikers. I love hearing the rumbling in the hills and mountains. I love seeing the good looking biker guys muscle their chrome stallions around the turns. And I love riding all the amazing rides.

I actually slept really well the night before we left. Maybe it was the Mike's Hard Lemonade that I drank. I needed something to take the edge off my extreme anxiousness. Sunday morning came and I was up at 4 am. Showered and biker chicked out. Ready to get on the road. We had a little adjustment to what we were taking on the trip and had to re-pack a little but it was all good.

At about 7 am we were on the road. We began the journey on Highway 141 and then I had mapped out a new route from last year, taking us through towns that I'd never been to. We ended up crossing over to South Dakota just outside of a town called Canton. My stomach did a flip as we crossed the state line. We rode Interstate 29 up to Sioux Falls and stopped at the Harley Dealership there. I could tell already, as we pulled into the lot at the dealership, that attendance was down. Last year there were more bikes in the lot.

It's really nice because this dealership has food for the travelers that stop. This year they had Burgers, Brats, or Hot Dogs and a soda for 2 bucks. As I was standing in line this old boy said to me..."Wow, this is the best and cheapest meal I've had since we left Michigan." We ate our food and then made our way in to check out the dealership. Didn't purchase anything even though the skull and wings necklace keeps calling my name. I can't imagine paying 110 bucks for a necklace so either the HD fairy will have to put it under my pillow or I'll have to do without! lol

Ready to get back on the road again we went back to the bike. These 3 cuties asked me to take their picture. They were those pretty boy types with the Affliction T's and the Rockstar bandannas but they were cute. I could feel their energy as they stood and waited for me to snap the photo. They oozed excitement. It made me smile.

We headed up 29 again to Interstate 90 and made our way down the road to Mitchell, where we stayed the night. We didn't go to the Corn Palace this year but we did stop into a casino and had some food and drinks. We played Foosball and pool. Back at the hotel we played a round of mini golf and then decided to call it a night. That was until the first storm of the trip came and Dan and a few other bikers had to find shelter for our pretty chrome horses so that they wouldn't get all wet and possibly hailed on. The hotel people were very nice and allowed the bikes to be parked under the canopies for the night.

More to come and with pictures even! :)


Lady Ridesalot said...

Awwwww. No blogger meet up? I'm sure that was disappointing. Even with cell phones, it's probably like finding a needle in a haystack.

I wondered about the hail storm. Looked pretty bad on the news. Mother Nature should be scolded for giving all the bikers a hard time.

From the sounds of it, those cuties you spoke of may have been on their first Sturgis adventure. You did a good deed, helping them capture their "Kodak moment".

And speaking of Kodak moments... can't wait to see yours!

Pappy said...

Looking forward to your Kodak Moments...
Ride Safe!! Post when you can Pap

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog... Great writing style! I look forward to more. Thanks for sharing.

mq01 said...

was it as bad as the year of the floods?..crap i hope not.. glad you're back safe. i cant wait to hear more!!

B.B. said...

So glad you're home safe. Can't wait to hear more and see all those pics!

Anonymous said...

Sad recession has hit everything. Hope to see photos!

Ride on,