Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Million Mile Monday - June 29th

The 2nd Annual Million Mile Monday will take place on Monday, June 29th, and is a day which encourages H.O.G. members to ride to reach this year's goal of 5 million miles, exceeding last year's accomplishment of 3 million miles. It’s simple, just ride – ride to work, at lunch, around the block, or even take the whole day off to ride. Many will be using their return trip from CLUB H.O.G. OKC for their contribution. Non-H.O.G. members can join now, just in time for the event:

Participants worldwide can log on to to record their miles, read the blog, submit their photos, explore others’ photos, and more. Those who can’t ride can watch the progress of others with a virtual odometer which will be updated throughout the day on and

Check out the preview for Million Mile Monday on the Harley-Davidson YouTube channel:


Dean "D-Day" said...

Damn! Here I thought I'd get to log a million all by myself and I got pretty excited!

Thanx for the update. I almost forgot about this.

mq01 said...

FUN!! logging odometer miles last year was tricky. the HD online odometer was spinning pretty fast and kept getting hungup :) they were surprised by how many really participated. cant wait to do it again...

Baron's Life said...

This is a very good project and it would be interesting to see if the numbers actually match the desired forecast..there is certainly going to be a lot of postings and least I hope so.

Ann said...

You and Road Captain think alike, Steph!

I'll say it again here, I can't think of a better way to make a Monday not suck! :)

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

This will make a Monday not Suck!

I think a bunch of us are all on the same HD e-mail rotation because Rippin Kitten has it on her site too. :)~

the rider said...

Harley girl I love your blog! I too am a veteran, of the Rhodesian bush war, which took place around about the same time as your guys were in Vietnam. I have two goals; to take part in a ride to the wall and to visit Sturgis, will do them one day soon! Also loved the Fryed Brothers video clip - far out! Keep up the good work, luvya.

Michael said...

Awesome post. Great vid of the million mile ride! Wow. Seeing all those Harleys stirs the soul of us hardcore bikers! Love your site! Look forward to all of your future posts!


Mike said...


Love the blog. I’m getting geared up for the million Mile Monday on the 29th. It got me thinking, you should out this site – I work for these guys and they really know their stuff, they got engravable coins and the Harley images are awesome – licensed through the Harley company. Check out the Willie G. Skull to see what I mean.

Anyway, just thought a fellow Harley nut would appreciate these American-made beauties. Keep the shiny side up.
- Mike