Sunday, October 07, 2007

Get Your ODB Wear Today!!

I love Old Dirty Bikers and thought...what a great logo for a t-shirt! Trust me it's a great nickname to my book an ODB is a man that lives for his motorcycle and if he had to make a choice between his Ol Lady and his motorcycle the motorcycle would win everytime!

I've created a few items in my ODBWear store so go check em out. I'm just starting with this so you'll have to check back often because I will be adding new items. Click the CafePress icon below and it will take you right to my store!

I have to be honest, the money that I make from selling these t-shirts is going into my motorcycle fund so that I can get my own ride!! So please support me and help me make my dream come true!!! :)

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KT Did said...

Hey There Girlie!! I love the logo on the t-shirt. Will have to buy a couple for some of the guys I know that fit that description. Hope you get you new ride soon! Thanks for the well wishes on my Andy Boyz!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Bought my ODB shirt today.
I will wear it with pride!